Breakfast at Harbinger's (Mass Effect)

I’m no regular gmodder, I just wanted to have fun with Mass Effect materials, since no one uses M.E. as a Gmod movie subject(which is beyond me!).

Wow, That was just just Terrible

Good idea Performed Badly

This obviously was the wrong place to post this.

Ending was moderately funny.
All else wasn’t

I actually thought parts of that were pretty funny. I had no idea that Harbinger had the power to make people explode and then spontaneously change gender. He could make a lot of money doing that.

And the last segment where Harbinger was randomly really huge and shooting everyone around Jack was pretty funny. I then realized unfortunately that that part actually was based on something and not completely random, but it was still funny.

Anyway, posting here or on most forums is a crapshoot. Most people can’t understand how to give constructive criticism (for instance, Zeb) and instead come off insulting; the key is to take what help you can from this sort of thing and to disregard everyone that simply wants to be an ass in the guise of being helpful.

For instance; if Zeb had said “I thought you idea was good, but it could use improvement in its execution.” You probably wouldn’t be questioning whether this was the right place to post.

On the flip side, a thick skin is a necessity when posting anything you make, and you can’t let that sort of person get to you.

As far as the video, I actually found some of it funny, although what I personally found funny were the random parts (the scout segment cracked me right the hell up). I think that if you minimize the parts of Harbinger talking to his bacon and eggs and play up the random stuff he’s going around doing while keeping the overall structure of him attempting to eat breakfast, it would be a better piece overall.

And I actually used Mass Effect materials in the GMOD video I just posted about (and actually the first GMOD video I’ve ever made). I’m not sure if posting a link would be in poor taste as this is YOUR thread, but I did make a thread about it if you are curious (in this forum under “Tell Me When To GMOD” and some other crap that I wrote).

There are worse videos