Breaking a chest shouldn't despawn loot

For those who don’t know, breaking a chest will make 8 to 15 slots of loot (according to RustWiki) instantly vanish, would that chest be locked or not.

I have trouble seeing why this idea was introduced in the game in the first place. It makes absolutely no sense that breaking a container would magically make the stuff inside of it disapear. Breaking a chest with a hatchet COULD damage some of the stuff inside of it, if done savagely, but there should be ways/weapons that allows breaking into a chest softly. There is many situations where chests will break on accident and it always suck to see your loot dramatically reduced over it. And when you enter someone’s loot room and you realize all of his chests are codelocked, you pray that no C4/rockets will be despawned upon breaking into them… but who knows.

I feel like code locks should be only protecting your personnal chests from other people in your group. That’s what makes the most sense. You don’t want people stealing your stuff? Codelock your chests and none of your friends will steal all your ammo and clothing while you sleep. Or do a personnal room with a private door. But, say you are being raided and your best friend wants to access your stuff for a vital need, he should be able to break your locked chest and pick everything up. That’s only logical. Okay, maybe throwing a c4 at a wooden crate would make most of its content vanish, but it would also damage more than just the piece of building it is attached to when raiding, so it’s not a big deal if neither of these happen.

So, on top of raiding and seeing your profit strongly decreased, or breaking in emergency into a friend’s container to see most of his stuff get despawned, there is also different situations under which this mechanic strongly penalize players. For example, I was luring a chopper closer to my compound so we could take it down and it shot napalm at me, probably because the pilot disliked my outfit and wanted to see it burn. Well, because of the weird mechanic of the fire in Rust, most it rolled downhill towards our base, hit one of the outer wall and somehow (?) made 2 large boxes inside of it burn down. Both of them were full of ressources we had previously gathered and were planning to use on upgrading our base, but all of a sudden nearly half of it all was gone. We had to deal with what was left. Okay, this might only happens once in a Rust lifetime, but breaking into a 2nd floor from bellow and hitting a full shelve happens quite often while raiding, and everytime you have to deal with the fact that half of your loot is gone forever, when in reality it would have just crumbled along with the boxes.

Instead of using codelocks to protect chests, we could use some HQM and metal fragments to create stronger but smaller strong boxes, which could only be broke open using explosives (even low tier ones, like grenades). And that would make it harder to get the loot from it, which is far more equitable than just penalizing players over a weird game mechanic of a codelock NOT protecting a chest better BUT making stuff disapear from it.

Hopefully this is taken into consideration, thank you.

Not everything about Rust is supposed to be realistic. Stuff vanishes when a chest is destroyed, regardless of how it was destroyed, so when raiding you enemy and it turns out they have nothing of use to you you can deny them their supplies by destroying the chest. I mean seriously, if you raided someone and they didn’t have anything useful, you would honestly either just leave it as is or just drop it on the floor to inconvenience them at most by having to pick everything back up?

in fact, stuff vanishes when it is on the ground for too long; this is a basic principle for almost every game, and presumes that anything left behind is not wanted. it also prevents an undesirable backlog of dumped gear such as rocks and torches gumming up the server memory.

if someone breaks into your house, it becomes their house; mostly because they are there, you are not, and they can literally do what they want unless someone else takes it from them. your gear hidden in a wooden box inside said house is theirs too. if they decide to destroy it and the contents, that’s their prerogative.

Sounds like someone is salty after a raid

This isn’t a valid answer, I’m not talking about despawning unwanted loot after a raid, read again. I’m not asking for Rust to be more realistic either, I’m only questionning a weird behavior which does nothing else than penalize players.

It seems you also didn’t get my point at all, I’m talking about INSTANT removal of items upon breaking open a chest, would it be locked or not, I’m not talking about items despawning when left on the ground for a couple minutes. I’m assuming both of you aren’t even aware of that mechanic.

Wrong, I had this in mind for a couple days, mostly after said heli incident. But hey, nice comment anyways!

oh, you mean how some stuff gets broken by the force of cracking open the chest?

that’s been in for ages, didn’t think you would be talking about that. basically it’s a way to lightly penalize a player who uses brute force to open a chest. makes sense to me.

I haven’t quite figured out why this is in the game either, I suppose to prevent people from simply blowing up, say, a 2x2 tower to get the loot in the 5th floor of that tower?

I wouldn’t say that it ‘‘lightly’’ penalizes a player, as it could very well despawn a whole stack of explosives or even a whole stack of c4. When I raid a base that has locked chests and I don’t end up getting explosives/c4/rockets, I’m always wondering if I missed a hidden box somewhere into some hidden room/honeycombing or if they might have been using stashes for their good loot - which is another broken aspect of the game, if you ask me - and after pickaxing a couple walls/searching for stashes until I get a headache from looking at the ground, I end up returning home with the weird feeling of having been trolled by the game.

That would actually be the only ‘‘good’’ reason I can think of, I guess. I mean, it’s wouldn’t even be a good reason, but at least it could explain how that idea came onto the table. One point for you Sir!

and it might just despawn a few rocks or torches. sure, it might despawn a bunch of c4/explosives; would you prefer it set it off with a bang? home made explosives are highly volatile, smashing the box they are in could potentially set them off, never mind using explosives near it to break the box.

don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect; its a first iteration. but players are not loot spawns; you don’t have a right to their gear just because you broke into their house. it takes effort to get past the doors/walls, and it should take effort to get into the box. don’t want stuff to despawn? make friends with them and betray them, crack the code or listen for the code at their walls.

It is a raiding mechanic. designed to stop you from destroying a entire structure. Then just claiming said loot.
it forces the player to making complex decisions on how to raid instead of “krunk smash”

that way it makes most of defenses mechanics irrelevant.

I also guess that’s the reason. The problem is, people can simply slap a codelock onto their boxes, at which point nothing of what you just said makes any sense anymore. A codelock on a box effectively denies raiders like half of the victims loot. It’s dumb.

That is actually the worst reason, building a terribly unstable tower should not be an advantage.

Putting a codelock on your chest will give you a small advantage that your raider will lose a small part of his loot. But at the same point it causes you to lose everything instantly. When you don’t use a codelock on your chest it gives the change to remain a part of your loot. (because the raider would leave some stuff behind he doesn’t need (if he is not some guy who throws everything from the chest on the ground))

Therefore I believe it is still quite balanced. You can choose whether you will have the change to have some spare resources left when you’re raided or to have everything gone while giving your opponent a slight disadvantage.

Explain to me how building a tower that can be easily raided is an advantage. Are you even paying attention to what you’re trying to say? Just because the attacker loses a random chunk of the loot in a raid doesn’t make the defender overpowered.

We didn’t use the word overpowered but… it’s kind of discouraging you know? It doesn’t seem like good game design overall, odds are stacked in favour of defenders anyway. “A random chunk” could very well mean all the HQM, gunpowder, explosives, AK’s etc etc or most of it despawns. It isn’t cool. :confused:

I’ve always wondered why there were not tiers on boxes. Why can’t we upgrade to make it a safe?
But I see both sides of the argument.
Codelocks to me are just an annoyance,but its been a part of it since I can remember and just learned to deal with it.