Breaking Bad

I was shocked when I went to and couldn’t find anything on Breaking Bad. IF something could be nice and make these I think a lot of people would really like it. I plan to use these models on my darkRP server so they will be put to good use :stuck_out_tongue: If you could make a Walter White model that would be awesome! If you really like the idea Jesse Pinkman, Mike Ehrmantraut, and Guss Fringe models would be very much appreciated as well. If you are crazy about breaking bad and would love this request please bump!!

** edit: this is for garrysmod by the way sorry :stuck_out_tongue: **

You would have to make everything from scratch though, if you have around 1000 usd to blow though I guess someone would make them for you.

Damn I have to get into the custom model business I will make models all day for $1000 each.

the work and training necessary is just as hard and hardcore as any other job

Damn, This would be incredibly badass. I really hope someone helps you out with it.

Well, I remember seeing a hack of Walter. But I’m pretty sure it’s private/never going to be released.

Ninja Nub, Hunterdnc and me have been talking about breaking bad hacks, Ninja and Hunter came up with a walter hack, it’ll be released soon.

Wrong. Give it a few days.

I love you, and your avatar.

Just wondering, is it on a custom skeleton?
I’m not into the whole rp and playermodel thing, but it seems like it would be nice imo.

It’s on the enhanced citizens skeleton I believe, so yeah.

omfg i think i just came

How about Skyler’s sister?

Has this been released yet?

No. It’s not done.