Breaking down walls...

Ok, so I am new and still figuring some things out here. So you build a house and you’re the only one that can open the door, right? But others can hatchet their day through walls and doors, So I’m guessing the whole built structure is destructable. I see lots of destroyed houses around and wanted to see how hard it is to get into one so I smacked at my own wall about a dozen times with a hatchet and it didn’t seem to do anything. How many hit’s does it take to get through a wood wall? a wood door? Thanks.

I believe that it requires explosives to get through walls.

You need 2 explosive charges for a wooden wall.

Yeah I was just reading that in another thread… but they can hatchet through doors correct?

Yes…150-200 whacks or so.

The most likely reason you see these destroyed structures is because they have decayed, not been raided, the owner has not come on for quite a while so the house slowly destroys itself so the map does not get crowded.

Now that’s pretty cool. I didn’t know about the decay. Anyone know what the rate is? Like if I throw down a base, posts, walls, roof and door on a little one room cabin. How long is it going to last?

Depends on the item. One of the big problems with Wooden Shacks is that they decay very fast. Houses like the one you are talking about will take about a week.

This is not correct.

All buildings’ “decay timer” will restart everytime a door is opened or closed on the structure.
The decay timer starts after:

8 Hours: Wooden shack
1 Day: Wooden structures
4 Days: Metal structures.

Hope this helps.

Precise info, perfect thanks a lot for this. I figured there should be a way to reset the timers…

Hatchet (not sure if metal or stone): 150-200 hits on a wooden door.
Pickaxe: roughly 80 swings on wooden door.

NOTE: If you’re in your home, and someone outside is hatcheting your door down, you CAN repair the door as they try to break it down. Place wood in your hotbar and press the corresponding key, while facing the door, and it’ll heal the door. You’ll see something like “Healed 50. 340/500hp”. So it’s tell you that you healed it, and what the door is currently at. Try it for yourself, hatchet your own door a little, and heal it up. :slight_smile: Nice preventative measure to keeping your stuff safe.

And you can heal them with wood? Nice, you guys are full of excellent info today. Thanks a TON! Being alpha and all the Wiki is pretty incomplete and not a lot of other info out there easily found.