Breaking Faces

This will seriously seem like the stupidest most basic question I could ask, but here I go.

I’ve recently got back into mapping after about 2 years of not doing anything at all in relation to it. I can remember most of the basics but cannot for the life of me remember how to break the faces of a block to enable me to apply different textures to each face.

Any help is much appreciated.

Texture tool, click on a face, then browse for a texture, double click it and right click on the certain face.

the multi colored block over the brick block.

exhibit A

in order to apply multiple textures to a face, you have to create multiple brushes. You can use the clip tool to slice brushes up, or you can just create new ones.

That is right, but I think they just wanted to texture each face rather than multiple places on one face. You have helped them with that though.