Breaking Good |Sleepers on| No wipe unless told to by developers. Last wipe done was on the 15th when we purchased a new server. Gonna run Rust ++ eventually when the updates come out for it. Which I believe they should be already. So going to look into it. Friendly community with the occasional you know KOS people. Friendly admins that admin more than play the game. So please check us out and give us a try. We have cheatpunch enabled as well. Also will be building an arena for some gun games that award the winner a prize.

I play this server all the time and enjoy it thoroughly! Admins are always on and willing to help with any problems you may have. Multiple different groups/teams on server very fun when huge wars go on! :stuck_out_tongue: This is the only server I play the others seem like a waste of time. Nice player base as well, always people on to chat with or talk s*** to. Never laggy for me and if there is a glitch in the game the admins are always there to correct and discrepancies. Which helps a lot when the game decides to kill you. They will help out in any way possible. I have also found that there are more mature adults on this server, which is the main reason I stay on here. I play every chance I can get even during lunch, which is hard being in the Marine Corps! Overall I give this server a high rating! The more players, the more fun! So come on and join the fun!

Ingame name : No One
If there are any questions feel free to ask me ingame!

Rust ++ now active and starting loadout gives you Bow, Stone hatchet and sleeping bag. Just type /help for the list of active commands we have running.

Well looks like the server is empty and no takers this really sucks. Only 3 bases in the game so far. That have not been touched.

Ok switched it too vanilla rust. Come on in.