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I really like it.

I do too, but its it supposed to be Left 4 Dead 2?

I don’t like how she’s holding the mic, but great job on editing.

I like how you can see the chaos rising up


Interesting idea.

No, not that kind of Chaos, you warp-spawn

Weak slave to the false emperor, do not talk your blind nonsense here.

Looks pretty good, nice editing.
Relatively lazy posing.

Cocks standard-issue bolter, and fires a killshot right between the eyes of the heretic, without even bothering to aim
You were saying?

A Marine wouldn’t have time to even cock his bolter before the Berserker’s chainaxe would cut in him half vertically.

“In other news, there was some PANDAmonium down at the zoo today…”

I like it, but the background characters seem kind of just there and don’t really seem to capture what you wanted. :confused:

Just saying, the real men serve in the Guard.

More like die in the Guard

…Yeah alright. But hey, at least we have Gaunt.

faceposing is bad, but I see nothing wrong with how she holds the mic.

Everything else is very nice, one of the few “News” pictures that don’t look like crap.

Her wrist…

Sweet lens flares.

Hmm. this is kinda ironic, I had an idea like this last year, but, Never had the enthusiasm, or patience to try it

I like the idea, nice concept the only thing that bothers me. . . is the lights shining, otherwise I like it

Also, How’d you get those models?, I have L4d2, but I cant find those in my browse