Breaking Physics With Speed

I have encountered a major problem when trying to make an accelerator, at least sometimes.
For the most part it runs smoothly, no hick-ups at all and can reach to speeds well over 10,000 MPH.

Sometimes however, something strange happens, the speedometer pegs at around 2000 MPH and then the ropes, the log, speedometer and thrusters vanish.

Any ideas why this would be happening? No stupid answers such as “Oh you pressed z a bunch :B”

I think theirs a limit to speed in the source engine, I guess the engine removes it so it doesn’t crash the game, bug maybe?

i think you should post this in another thread aswell, the support thread proply, you should get more awnsers.

It’s a source engine limit.

The stuff is in the future, duh.

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Sure, ill go try and post it there.

I guess that would explain why this forum was blasted with Spanish made and Spanish voiced videos weeks back… but I think that was just a troll.