Breaking physics with speed?

I have encountered a major problem when trying to make an accelerator, at least sometimes.
For the most part it runs smoothly, no hick-ups at all and can reach to speeds well over 10,000 MPH.

Sometimes however, something strange happens, the speedometer pegs at around 2000 MPH and then the ropes, the log, speedometer and thrusters vanish.

Any ideas why this would be happening? No stupid answers such as “Oh you pressed z a bunch :B”

Also, if you have any ideas on how to FIX this, that would be wonderful.

(And for all the other people on my other thread, I hit the talk key twice)

OK Edit: Its very simple, log in center of map, roped to the log that spins around in 2 places, log weighs 50000 pounds, thrusters on back along with speedometer, and the physical properties are applied so it has no gravity. Also air resistance was 0.

Are you using Jinto’s physics module?

The mod that allows you to increase the max speed from 120? Yes.

Maybe it was transported to another dimension :downs:
If you explained your contraption in more detail we could probably be of more help.

Probably some sort of failsafe mechanism in the source engine to prevent crashes.

You simply hit a memory buffer and it removed it. As discobiscut said, it would be a failsafe.

Anyway to remove this stupid “failsafe” and or make the size of the cache w/e larger?

If the fail-safe was removed you would just crash.

If there were a failsafe such as this, it would probably be hard coded into the source engine, so I don’t see a way to change, besides possibly running on a 64-bit system.

Well blah then, I guess if its going a certain speed for a certain amount of time the fail safe trips, because we have gotten it to over 10,000 MPH before. Just have to make it accelerate as fast as possible.