Breaking walls

Can I break a wall in Rust ?
I want to expend my house and I don’t know how to break a wall (a wall that I built)

u can use C4 to break it…i think 5-7 of them… depending on the Wall HP

Can’t I use something else?

You can swing your pick at it about 10,000 times.

How much calories are burned per swing?

Too many for him to not use C4.

Do you know how many pickaxe swings to break a wooden shelter? Or would it be faster to just go for the door?

shelter is 1000 hp i think and wooden door is 500

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u can check all the stuff here

There definitely should be “destroy” slot (doesn’t take up a slot) in your inventory that allows you to tear down objects that only you have created. I’ve run into that problem a couple times.