BreakingBad1 PVP Wipe6/27 AntiCheat/Econ/0Craft/0Dura/Remove +BB2 PvE/PvP server

To join the PVE/PVP server Wiped 6/13 net.connect is themap of this server

To join the PVP only server (less lag since no zones) Wiped 6/27 net.connect

Hello and welcome to Rust Breaking Bad Server. Are you tired of the lack of a well maintained griefing server full of chat spam. Get ready for a unique and out of this world modded server that will keep you coming back. Our server is a well maintained and updated server with all the bells and whistles that make for a well rounded enjoyable game experience for one and all. We welcome both your comments and suggestions and ask if you enjoy our server be kind and let us and others know.

Here is a list of some OXIDE plugins we have installed on our server. ● Recycle. Type /recycle “ITEM NAME” ### to recycle a certain amount of an item. You will recieve 25% of the core material back, if you have a recycle kit on you (admin prize) it will give you 100% core material back, up to a certain amount of items per recycle kit. ●UBER COLLECTOR. On the PVE/PVP server type /ubercollector to receive an uber hatchet. No cool-down, no limit. Plugin prevents all damage done by uber hatchet. This same plugin is installed on PVP server, but command disabled. If you receive an uber hatchet as a reward, you cannot damage anything. ●Private Messag. Type “/pm PLAYERNAME” to send a player a private message, type “/re” to reply to last message sent to you ●Portals. We have various portals through out our world. When standing in a portal type “/portal” to use it. (ONLY ON PVE/PVP SERVER) ●PlayerLocation. Go to and sign into it with your steam account, you will never be lost on our server again. ●Ping. Need to know your ping with out refreshing the server list or typing commands in console. just type “/ping” and it will tell you. ●Econ. Full economy, configured and working. ●DoorShare. type “/share PLAYERNAME” to share all of your doors with your friend. ●Zones. We have PVP and PVE zones through out our world. (ONLY ON PVP/PVE SERVER) ●Remover. Type “/remove” and than hit something you own, it will remove it and put it in your inventory. ●Banking. Fully configured banking system. You will not lose your money to PVP if you bank it. ●Shared Family Kicker. I had to install this after dealing with a hacker that kept coming back. Im sorry i had to do this but it was required.

●Friendly admins, no admin abuse. ●Sleepers on ●0% Durability ●Insta Craft ●Top Rust Server voter plugin installed (PVP server Reward is the 100 metal ore 100 sulfur ore 1 metal door 5 small rations and 250 wood) (PVE/PVP Server reward is 1 supply signal, 1 metal door, 5 small rations) Vote for this server to get rewards on either server. ●No locked backpacks

We are currently a small community looking to grow, server holds 400 max, we have a 30 slot Team Speak and a forum with information on all mods including player commands to use them (


1: NO HACKING OR EXPLOITING KNOWN BUGS (this includs barricade DCing)! 2: No disruptive spamming or personal attacks with malicious intent 3: Promoting other servers in any form is frowned upon and will not be tolerated 4: Please give new players to our server a chance to get started 5: DO NOT ASK ADMINS FOR FAVORS



1:Bandit Pole (barricades on pillars) 2:Killing with PixAxe or bow through wall(if they stand close enough to wall, they deserve to die). 3:Looting through a crack in the wall. 4:Lag Jumps

Not Allowed

1:Force disconnecting a user (example: barricade on them to disconnect them). 2:Building ring of foundations around other players house(prevents them building in there own house) 3:Putting anything under a ramp. (you can stack ramps, but all loot/sleeping bags will be removed) 4:Wooden gateway in front or in someone’s door(allowed as long as only gate is covering door) 5:Blocking loot crates under any circumstance 6:Small stash under door(If seen, an admin can be called over, you must blow the door after opened.) 7:Forcing render lag (spamming firepits/furnaces outside someone’s house) 8:Building in rocks or spawning under foundation 9:Standing in anything to prevent damage(killing without be able to die) 10:Mic Spamming is allowed unless 2 or more people complain, than an admin will deal with the player


1: No player is allowed to build a base that requires more than 200 foundations. 2: No player is allowed to build a base that is taller than 30 stories. 3: Please refrain from building large structures near rad towns. If we get enough complaints on a rad town due to lag. We may ask you to move your base with the assistance of an admin.

If your house can be seen from a resource node, than it must follow the above rules. You can build what ever you want outside of the farming areas.

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There are a million servers like this, full with plugins and general shit. And why’s it called Breaking Bad?