BreakpointServers Code Dump

So, it was over 5 years ago since I started a GMod community when I originally hosted fretta gamemodes exclusively. I’ve recently stopped playing GMod and seeing as my community had become a ghost-town, Somepotato (AKA Map in a box) and I had decided to just make our repo public.

Biggest things to note is a nearly completed CSS gamemode base with a fully-functional gungame gamemode with every CSS weapon.
There’s a ported random number generator from Valve.
There’s a ported CShotManipulator.
There’s a fully-functional physical-bullet thing.

Anyway, have fun poking around the code as there is a lot of it.

PSA: don’t do things like this

looked cool though

It’s been a great run. I’ll miss BP.

RIP in peace

BP was a great community, I’ll miss BP too. RIP BP.

rip in pizzaroni

rest in pepperonis

It is interesting to read trough the code. You could find gems like:

local opt = run:AddSubMenu( "On Client...", function( self )
	Derma_Message( "shoo faget", "ew ur ugly", "no im not :(" )
end )
local editor_menu = ed.MenuBar:AddMenu( "Editor" )
editor_menu:AddOption( "Set Theme", function()
	Derma_Message( "go away", "go away", "nu" )
end )
local help = ed.MenuBar:AddMenu( "Help" )
help:AddOption( "About", function()
	Derma_Message( "Lua Editor was made by Somepotato
and inspired by the one on metastruct.
Kill urself (INC)", "About LuaEditor", "Neat" )
end )


This is really nice, thanks for your work.

Never forget.

BP was a great community, many hours of fun spent on it.

Great release, good luck with your next projects :slight_smile:

You should umm, share that swf for experimental reasons.