Breen getting his ear pulled by his mommy.

Think I should add lights to brighten the front three up a bit?

1 view two dumbs…What?

I gave you the third.
Breens eyes seem to be frozen. They just look straight forward.
The citizen on the left is poorly posed and so is the combine.

Good idea, bad execution.

Looks fairly good to me. The idea if funny and the faceposing is cool.

Ok, I corrected the eyes, and fixed the posing up a little bit aswell as added a lamp. New picture is in OP, Combine, if you still see issues in the posing tell me where so I may fix it. Thank you.

I’d’ve thought that Breen’s mom was dead.

Why is the metrocop groping a civilian?

nothing to see here folks ? combine are harsh

Breen’s mommy is wearing citizen clothes.
Does she not get special advantages for giving birth to him?

Better now but the guy on the left and the metrocop are still horrible.