Breen hunted by blixigorb knows what...

The aftermath:

This is my first rain edit, so I know it’s not very good due to that I did check the tutorial, but I also cut some corners, but besides that, what do you think, Facepunch?

The title is confusing as fuck and the rain is flat.

that’s not rain that’s a portal.

Blixigorb is this demonic being made up by chirstians to scare kids away from science, I normally say that instead of “God knows what”, sorry >_<.


Uhhh… Yeeeeahh… That’s it!

also I’m loving these rain effects! the transition to the indoors is fantastic! Keep it up, bud! You’re getting there!!!


Okay, you’re beginning to frighten me, but, thanks.

I’d zoom in on the doorway and Breen since there’s nothing else going on. It also doesn’t seem like he’s looking at what he’s doing.

It was as far as his neck would go without having to mess up the torso. I’m still a bit rusty and I was afraid I’d ruin the pose :ohdear:.

For me, the way he holds the .44 6-rounder kinda looks funky, and his eyes are looking above the barrel, if it was raised, of course.
I never heard of Blixigorb. I think Americans did it as a joke. no offense, but, I don’t think it is religious, for I am a pure Catholic, and if you know religion, Catholics and Christians are pretty much the same.
Over all, nicely done. What is with the random dead bodies, though? There is way more than six, and I know for damn sure that revolver is not a John Winston 9 rounder.

I meant his eyes. Well, what he ^^ said.

Dios Mios… I have a name, you know.

Well, in Half-Life, Breen is allied/commands the combines, so those corpses are his former bodyguards, killed by the scary guy.

And, I don’t think it’s a joke, nor a major thing either, as far as I know, it’s a fundementalist deal, used in some sunday schools. Atleast that’s what I’ve read. So I think it’s “serious”, just not too common, like a fairy-tale for brainwashing. I remember when I was a kid, I was told all sorts of gibberish at my christian daycare center, t’was a bit uncanny.

Who cares why breen is in some cabin and not protected by synths! This picture is awesome!

Ignore the technical stuff, Vinze. You’re doing fantastic!!!

…What have you done with 69105?

Also, if your right, this was a very clever idea, Vinze. Well done.

Thank you, and I’ll make sure to pay a bit more attention to details.

Also, let’s make sure the government dosn’t find out about 69105, otherwise he’ll end up in some lab, being prodded by biosuits.

LOL! You make me laugh! I love you!

he is the friendly neighborhood nice guy here to give words of encouragement and to uplift peoples spirits. we are all unique snowflakes and we should never have to be upset ever. all i have to say is thank god for 69105 and his optimism and positivity, we sure needed some of that around here! the world will not be the same while he is banned :crying:

whyyyyyyyy :crying::crying::crying::911:


oh yeah and the pic is good too!