Breen in a suit and tie

A pretty simple hack, I just thought that it would be cool to give Breen a slightly different look, so I thought that giving him a shirt and a tie, instead of that sweater would look good on him. And I really think it does look better on him and it really fits him:



Looks pretty good on him :slight_smile: Nice hack

Is it breen head hacked on Gman body?
Awesome :V

Nice, got my download. ^ No it isn’t Breen on Gman’s body. Well, it doesn’t look like it anyways.

No, I just replaced the sweater from breen’s model with the shirt and tie from my suit citizen model.

This should have been done ages ago. Good work.

Replacement? Or Hex? Wait, I see it’s a hex, you should make a replacement, I totally want this in HL2, unless it’s a reskin, then I could do it myself.
EDIT: Goddamn was I high or something? No fucking way that’s a reskin.

Awesome work Mate.

It looks surprisingly good. I was half-expecting a shitty hex. Nice job!

I think he looks better like this! By any chance can you get his original colors? AKA brown vest and pants.

You can just replace the breen_sheet texture in this with the original one to get that,

Oh ho ho, what’s this?

I wanna see him do what G-man does, you know, fix/tug the tie.

Did you skin that? Looks terrific!

This Is great, perfect for a class In Dark RP, Can I use it?

Sorry to mass bump this thread, but the download isn’t there anymore, and the maker hasn’t replied to my PM.

Does anyone still have this?