Breen texture is all white

i do not know how to fix this

is it just breen or other models?

Maybe you could temporarily disable all of your addons or maybe delete the downloads folder in the garrysmod game folder?

You’ve probably got an addon overriding the NPC’s default material, or applying a custom material to this NPC when spawned.

That old bastard must have been under the cum rain.


Give him a towel.

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He is the towel.

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just breen i dont know why

Or maybe he was in the cum jar since his demise in HL2, oh god I am more then sure that in such time frame he would be able to develop new Earth society surely.

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Type this into console:

whereis materials/models/breen/breen_sheet.vtf

Paste the response. The containing folder will be the confliction


alright ill try that

alright just found out its a map from metrostroi

Breen is now clean and he’s not covered in cum anymore. Congrats :tada:

Bravo! Breen is finally himself again and not stuck in the white substance hell form.

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Glad it helped. Please link the workshop map that caused the issue incase someone else has the problem.


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sure just hold on (sorry for late response)

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