Breen turns his "swag" on for a date.


And if you wanna know the lucky gal he’s going on a date with

Oh wow… I lol’d out of my chair.


I love it.

Francis reminds me of Mr. Slave.

My thought exactly.

Breen is gay.

lmao the second pic is hilarious!


My ears are bleeding but it was worth it :awesomelon:.


God damnit I lol’d.

Truely great, posing is meh, but it doesn’t matter, adds to the perfection in this case.

“How’d YOU like to go out with the guy who rules the world, eh?”

In his 70’s, and STILL kickin’ it like a pro. I respect him for that, even if he is a selfish sellout of his own species.

That is one big rubber ducky. D:

There is some cliping on the glasses with the hands but it ain’t bad,

oh shiiiiiiiiiit he turned dat sheeet on


This gave me an Idea for a map
Posing situations

(PS: why the heck is my smiles list only show 8?