Breen Vs. Konata

My first video, its basically a battle between Breen and Konata (anime character)
Here is the video:

I tried to avoid most errors such as Hud, deathnotice ect.
Had quite a few retakes and a 5.4gb fraps folder xD
Also anything i can improve on?
and a quick question, how do i remove blood on the floor?


Is that good or bad :?

lol’d at machine guns from her ass.

Uhh she was ment to be getting hit by a sentry xD

Lucky Star.


This was very bad because:

2.Badly used ragdolls (movement)
3.the “action” scene was just not exciting and its just awful.
4. Idea was pretty unoriginal.

Can’t pose ragdolls :frowning:
also whats wrong with the music :iia:

Anime? :frog:

Get out.


The music is faggy. Video game music = bad, normally. Your render settings suck, fix the blackboxing. Posing sucks, is stiff. Theme is bad. Map is bad.


Have you got any decent settings for sony vegas i can use?

yes and dont use game music or anime. unless its some good OST like Still Alive From Mirror’s edge. pokemon? UGHHH

you have to fiddle round and try out settings for yourself. you dont get presets from other people…

Ok i cannot pose AT ALL so would the next best thing be Npc controller?

well it wouldn’t hurt to experiment and practise your ragdoll posing skills, if you do that then you’ll get better. also you need to experiment with camera angles.

NPC Control should be used in some situations it shouldn’t be used all the time.
I think you don’t know how to snap at 90 degree angle. when holding an object with physgun hold shift and E and moove your mouse around to the desired postion, then freeze.

if you want to get advanced then you should start learning how to use SDK Faceposer.

theres still alot more to explain but i can’t be bothered to. but really its up to how creative you are.

utterly retarded

Aparently it doesn’t work with windows 7/vista and i can’t find a fix :frowning:

I’m using vista. I’m faceposer all of it manually. the thing that doesn’t work is SDKSpeech API 5.1 which automatically helps you lip sync. I facepose letter by letter word by word by myself.

watch my latest music video valentines day and you’ll see thats what I’ve done manually. Max and ScoutKing do it this way too. besides the automated thing doesn’t give better results than doing it manually.

This single post has given me the idea that you are a terrible critic.

It’s not about the container, it’s about the content

I doubt any “better” settings will help make this watchable

Yes I am, I just don’t bother with long critics anymore because i end up saying the same things over and over again. I just can’t be bothered to post to help people anymore.

Well, when I see fullbright sunshine bloom in a video, I know they don’t use vegas properly.