Breen's escape plan fails. His end is near.

never use ingame decals always edit them

I didn’t edit it at all, not even in-game…

This is like the most retarded thing you’ve ever said. Nice posing but it’s very generic.

Yeah… I know it’s generic, sorry 'bout that :v:

Didn’t Breen already die after he got teleported?

You can make great pics without filter rape y’know.

i dont filter rape because the filters in photoshop suck


what i fucking hate ingameblood why not just edit it in then its just ugly if its ingame… other ingame decals are ugly too

So what?

Who says I was talking about photoshop specifically?

Some people don’t have access/know-how of such things, if they are unable to edit them in then they make the best of what they can get.

Edited in effects are a nice addition but they are not a neccessity.

Does anyone have any comments on the pic? And not argue about photoshop…

The blood decals on the ragdolls look fine given the situation.

Posing seems a little stiff, there’s some clipping on the far right woman with her hand, you could have fingerposed the other hand on the guy pointing the gun to be clenched in a fist. In general you should have used way more fingerposing than you did, and the top of the pic seems a little too empty.

no they don’t

I see two NPCs

Wait, now that you mention it, those are the exact same animation stances for npcs.

The pic has been knocked down a few knotches in my respect-o-tron.

But I like them. :saddowns:

Fuck, I thought nobody would notcie… Sorry 'bout the NPCs.


The Face Punch gmod screenshots section is full of the most sharp eyed nit pickers I’ve ever seen, word to the wise: If you’re putting something into the picture that they won’t like it’s a good idea to not do it no matter how cleverly hidden it is.

Sneaky bastards :ninja: