Breen's wants rape.

YES - that’s no AntiAliasing, so fucking sorry, geez.

Also a bonus: Breen wants to rape GMan.

A friend of mine has the top one as a wallpaper on a 1900x1000 screen (or something) and it looks perfect.

You failed at hotlinking.

…There’s nothing there.

Oh God, that is horrible.
Shitty posing, anti-aliasing is off, over-the top faceposing.


Hmmmm, I think I preferred it when I couldn’t see anything.

That’s wallpaper?? Pretty bad stuff did you make this in the dark-room of construct?

Wallpaper? this? no thanks.
And I cant see the bonus, but seeing the main pic I can imagine what it looks like.


I can see now, more exaggerated faceposing.

I wanted rape stuff here. :crying:

and did your friend of yours find that funny?
because i don’t

Yes. Yes he did. Now sit down, shut up and give me CONSTRUCTIVE FUCKING CRITICISM!

Take a look at the Screenshoots section, not only 1-2 threads, but all the ones we have on the first page.
Then look at your picture, and tell me the difference.

No AA makes is just, bad. And it’s not funny. “Funny” faces are not funny anymore.

Now I can see the picture.
I prefered the big red X

GMan’s expression almost made me smile, but other than that I didn’t like it.

no aa makes it look bad
bad posing

what else can i say? it’s breen with a minge facepose on a black background

Rape is good :smile:

It feels like I’ve gone back in time…

Here’s your constructive criticism:
USE anti-aliasing, over-the-top face posing, next to no fingerposing, black boring background, clipping on Breen’s arms, Beaver face isn’t a rapeface, and to go out on. Read the rules of this section before you post.

I can’t use AntiAliasing. Graphics card won’t support it.