Brendan - Assassin

Brendan is an assassin making some of the biggest kills the world has ever seen, he has won assassin of the year award 5 times in a row and each time killed the presenter without anyone noticing. Long story short he is BADASS!
first option to 5 votes wins

Brendan squinted as he left the subway after getting what he is told will be the biggest hit he will ever attempt.

He entered his house eager to read his newest contract

He read the contract
"If you succeed in this mission you will be rewarded $1,000,00 your mission is to kill…"

"…Mayor Duchwell."
Brendan was horrified.

Mayor Duchwell was the cities most loved, heavily guarded and slightly incompotent mayor, he was loved by all, Brendan wondered why anyone would want to assassinate him.

But he needed the money so he said to himself, “I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do.” Even though he shuddered at the thought of what happened to the last person who attempted.

He was hung upside down and lit on fire,

few people came to watch because of the gruosome scene.

But he was confident he would succeed.

He grabbed his armour…

and his lucky hat.

All he needed now was a weapon.

*Choose your weapon.[i/]
A.Dual Elites
B.Sniper Rifle
C.Mystery weapon behind painting (not free choice)


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Hud is showing. It ruins everything.

There is no way to get interest for a comic when health, amour and energy bars screams in you face. That goes for everything else on the screen. Clean the hud before you take the screen shots.

yeah well hidehud doesnt work for some reason


it only gets rid of the weapon scroller and ammo


nvm not ammo

cl_drawhud 0 In the console?

Not even a good hud.

You could have even avoided to take pics when errors and automated messages are there.