Brenodi Empire soldier walking in blizzard, scene build.

Decided to try a bit different scene building.

The original. I had to draw the cloth on his face to cover up the texture error.

I was in a rush and forgot to take the “other angle” pic. The map is Freespace03. The ground is built out of PHX plates and large rocks, as well as the walls.

Is my snow and editing in general getting any better?

Your editing is getting better yes, nice fixing up the texture error. The only thing I can say bad about your edits is that they look too cartoony.


Enless that’s what you’re going for…

Cartoony??? Oh no, that’s not what I’m aiming for.

Hmmm, could be the changing of brightness/contrast…

This is the first pose I have seen with these models outside of the official forums. Too bad the models aren’t face posable. To fix the texture, copy and paste the models and materials from your empires folder into your Garrysmod/Garrysmod Folder, I have done this, it doesn’t replace any texture.

Hell I am trying to make a comic involving the models.

I lol’d at the guy.

Something about him just feels so stupid (The model, not the posing)

Maybe it’s cause he holding his gun to his elbow…

Still, I like the pose and the edit is impressive compared my noob editing.

Aside from the good edit, the picture seems a little bland, not enough snow is falling, maybe a couple more trees in the back?

Overall It is good.

i think the model looks terrible, but the scene build and posing is great.

The inhumanly long neck? :v: