Bribing the Warden

Awesome shot.
Fantastic reference.

I’m actually unaware of any reference I’ve mistakenly made here :v:


pans labyrinth?

kinda looks like that goat dude, plus you used music from it

Ah, I thought there was something else.

The reason for this looking like the goat dude (aka Pan) is because the model is Agreus, which in the game is Pans brother. In the original mythos, Agreus is actually one half of the original Pan, the other half being Nomios.
Agreus represents wisdom, clairvoyance and prophesy. Unlike in Castlevania where he embodies hatred, hunting prowess and vengeance.

[sp]I’m a mythology nerd, who can blame me?[/sp]

Nice angle, posing, scene and-… well, everything is awesome. I would like to know if you have some special technique. Keep it up.

I’d like to see more of the scene, lots of nice qualities here but not as much content as I’d like to see. When you crop out 50% of the image, you lose a lot of room to promote the setting and/or atmosphere. Still looks good, but show more of your scenebuilding skills next time! :slight_smile:

I expexted Alcatraz but this is far better.

Very nice, man! I really like the “warden” model. Where I could get hold of it?

Dark, magical and ominous, i love it. Makes me wanna play some Dark Souls II

I think this is perfect man. I wouldn’t change a thing. Great scene build you’ve got tons of talent.