These are some neat space-aged metal briefcases I made. They’re ever so slightly fururistic but not too over the top. They’re also rigged, so the top is completely openable/posable. The collision mesh for ragdolls doesn’t allow for concave sub-parts, so you’ll have to nocollide this one.

All textures use phong, spec, and normals, so they’ll look pretty kickass in the right conditions.

5 skins (medical, industrial, dark matter, military, generic) in 3 sizes (small/kit, medium/normal, large). The last skin is also color enabled ala TF2 hats, so you can in theory easily do some palette swaps with the color tool.


And for some reason, my copy of gmod has been borked since I upgraded my graphics card, so the phong and exponent maps didn’t show up ingame here, but they are there.

SFM Workshop
Gmod Workshop

Because of the SFM workshop, I had to upload the file to my steam user ID subfolder so the’re located in the incredibly cryptic *models\ugc\76561197972497202\sci_fi* subfolder.

Can you put them on the Gmod workshop as well?

Aw, I was hoping they would be regular briefcases. I am sure those would be useful as well.

Nevertheless, space briefcases are welcome too. Although I feel they are missing some holograms.


Hunter, yeah, I’ll up it to the good workshop at some point, probably later today. Between SFM’s stupid rules and Garry’s command line upload, I’ll have spent more time releasing it then making it.

Lol. It reminds me of this

Bam, done. Downloading is one click away. Took away the dropbox though because if I went through all the trouble to get them up in two insane upload locations, you can take the time to run gmad.exe.

Oh. I was expecting regular briefcases.

I see the briefcase is safe? :wink: