Brightened EVE Models

Ive been attempting to add the lighting effect on the EVE Online models I had uploaded since it was locked for no actaul reason. I also been trying to complete some of the models materials since some are incomplete. For now, Im trying to get the lights on the ships to be more fluorescent, like the Angel Falls First ship models of the AFF addon. That way they dont look as dull in the shadows and on night maps. As a example of what Im trying to accomplish, heres a image provided by the uploader:

use $selfillum and $selfillummask

And alpha channels.

Been looking at the AFF models and I was trying to get why the material of the ships were transparent and the lights and engine thrust was not. Anyone wnat to give me a crash course of how this is done? It would help alot.

There’s two ways you can aproach it.

a) Either go into the alpha channel of your diffuse texture, and have all the lighted areas be white all the unlit black (it’s essentially opacity as well. Black is transparent, white is opaque)
You use $selfillum 1 for this.
b) make a seperate glow texture whihc you add on top of the diffuse via $detail

Thanks for the info, now theres another problem, just remember, Im somewhat new to all this. I need to redo the whole thing, EVE Models, their materials, I need something to port them from EVE Online. I dont mean the ones I uploaded, anything new and old, I want to port em with materials. Tips on porting em?