Brightness flickers when changing biomes

I’ve noticed that when moving between biomes, screen brightness gets “twitchy”. For example, when running up from the beach into a snow biome, the brightness will suddenly jump up about a dozen notches. When running back down, the brightness drops again. This isn’t just snow biomes, either. It seems to happen any time I switch biome. Or maybe even temperate zone. I’m on an R9 280, 16 GB, FX 8320E, Win7. Anyone else getting this?

I noticed that. If you turn off color grading it should stop.

I’m on an R9 280

Having the same issues with this card! (turning off color grading did not help for me)

getting same intermittently on a nvidia 710m.

Okay, I’m back with an update.

Turn off color grading did indeed help, but the issue persists. One area where I seem to be able to regularly trigger it is moving in and out of shade. I was flying around as admin, looking at the top few floors of a multi-story stone building. As I moved from the shadow of a tree into sunlight (with the sun at my back), the entire screen brightened up. As I moved back into the shadow, the entire screen dimmed. I was able to replicate this endlessly, even after leaving the area and returning.

The problem I described in my OP was present in both DX9 and DX11. I observed this latest problem in DX9. I’ll do some more testing tonight to see if it’s present in 11. Either way, something is still glitchy.