Brightness Value

I really don’t understand the brightness value. 200 acts the exact same as 500 but 40 isn’t very bright. Is there some system or scale? I really don’t understand it. And recompiling just to see whether you guessed right on the value this time is extremely tedious.

On lights, right? Well, 200 is max light(ness), so anything above that will be the same as 200.

40, of course, would be dim as fuck.

100 would be half as bright as 200. etc

200 is not max…

For me even 40 is as bright as 200. I hate the light system, it’s so fucked up.

I heard something about a ray-tracing preview. Does that work at all?

in the l4d sdk it does tho

I think there is maximum lightness to a surface, but the larger the brightness, the farther it can reach.

Well I tried compiling a small test map with a light with a brightness of 200 and one with a brightness of 500 and it looked exactly the same.

Not as max as you can set it, but for what it looks like

Really. Put a 2k brightness light in then a 200.

It really depends how close the light is to a surface. In a simple sense, a lightmap can only have 255 levels of light, so if it is already completely white, you can’t make it brighter no matter what. Lightmaps are an easily broken illusion.

Slightly relevant; this is why we should all use HDR.

You need to remember that it’s all an equation. It will only be 200 a the very center of the light unless you remove falloff.

Explains the equation for falloff if you don’t set the 100% and 50% falloff values.

I hate using the 100 and 50 percent values anyway. I much prefer some crude equation work to use my wasted education.