Brilliant Idea (i think so anyways)

i’m a man of few words so i’ll make this short
if you want to make something E.G a car but dont know where to start go to google images and type what you want to lookup but with “concept” before it.
have fun.

A… ‘car’ you say? And we are to be inspired by something called ‘google?’

You have indeed introduced us to wholly novel concepts. Three cheers for the innovator!

What is this Google, you speak of?

You know… sometimes you don’t want some edgy stupid looking piece of plastic kids toy…

Also, some friend once told me of this google you speak of, but I never again heard of it…

Don’t go to that google thing I heard its a virus.

Besides, concept stuff usually looks shit and when you try to make them function you quickly realise why they are still just concepts :\

It is spoken of only in myth and legend; Many men seek it, but they all fall.

found it !

Wikipedia is better anyway…wikipedia has all sorts of shit, makes you smart, blueprint websites are good as well to learn how they look like on the inside and how they’re built. I am a fan of wikipedia myself. Youtube is also good, look up “experimental” or “canceled” stuff like tanks (Object 279, anyone? or the russian “tracked atv” of 1916? or the tsar tank? or the us MBT-70? or…you get the drift.) for ideas.
One of hte new sources of ideas which is actually useful and nice is things you dreamed of or played with as a kid. I made a helicopter that looks nothing like a real helicopter (the front is a big bubble, the body is a tube, the back is very body and weird, but it’s still fun and kinda cool) but is still cool, because as a kid it was a unit in some game I played (and it definitely is different). It may seem odd but children seem to have more imagination than adults often; something less restricted about the mind and more prone to cobbling together odd ideas. Drawing on things we forgot sometimes makes great ideas.

ya rly.

Hahahha i laughed so hard.

just in case you didn’t realize after the first reply this thread lost all seriousness and legitimacy so when "foun it ! ’ it was a joke

What a fucking troll.

You know what, despite all these trolls here, OP’s idea isn’t that bad. It’s a good way to get new ideas to your brain and make more creative contraptions. Lol alliteration.

This concept is REVOLUTIONARY! I shall use this “Google” to make a tnak that can move and shoot at the SAME TIME!


How is copying pictures more creative than making it in your head?

What is a car.

[editline]pisstits[/editline] I wanted to know what I could make on google so I typed “can I”

I just thought I needed to post this please forgive me
also: don’t try emailing to penis lol

I always run my searches

I’ve never heard of “google”.

What the fuck is a car?!

you laugh, you lose,again.

“can i get pregnant from a dog”


The answer is yes

The answer is no.