Bring back a standard gun

I no longer really am able to play rust the way i used too since the BP update,
i used to make a house then get a gun then build my house before the update but since i’ve been running around getting barrels and radtowns yet after weeks i still havent found a blueprint.
As a solo player it beeping sucks to not be able to defend my house nor being able to go help a neighbour when hes being raided, so getting a house seems useless.
And i know the eoka pistol drops from barrels but i have a better chance hitting a driving car at 100 meters away with a potato than with that eoka pistol.
So i was thinking… either make the BP for for example the Bolt drop more from barrels or make a similar gun that is within the starter BPs.
And dont get witty with me because there is no reason for that unless its constructive… And funny definatly funny…

I would imagine it’s due to a balancing issue, otherwise it would turn into an easier deathmatch for the idiots out there.

Thing is i’ve been to radtowns day in day out getting fulls runs and no bps… did find a bolt and ak once

It’s spelt Definitely not definatly

I think just adding the bow and arrow to the default items would do the trick. It’s basically better than a few of the guns already, and with the new viewmodel thats coming around it’s a lot more easy to aim with, as well as silent, AND it does a ton of damage. Just barrel hunt for a bow before you do anything else. I know having to hunt for barrels right away is kinda lame, which is why I think the bow needs to be part of default (along with arrows).

I mean really, it doesn’t take a genius to create a bow, and I find it hard to believe the idea of a bow has fallen out of the collective minds of our characters so much that we need schematics to tell us how to make one.

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Also perhaps increasing the droprate and making two planes cross the map at each time with a bigger chance of finding one inside would help? :slight_smile: Something like this atleast because now its just rubbish i am lucky i found two guns today in radtown a ak and a thompson but they are so fragile… they wont do the job.

How are two good guns like that not going to do ‘the job’? What job are you talking about exactly? Assuming you have decent aim, a gun will last you quite a while unless you’re dumb enough to try and raid with it.

i think the game is funnier the way it is now… not everyone having guns at the start… only thing that sucks is that you can wall rad towns… should be like legacy… wher everyone can get in and deathmatch for the blueprints / weapons

Good input, now gtfo

The system just needs some minor tweaks at the moment. First and foremost, they need to remove the absurd amount of starter Blueprint items (Sleeping Bags, Burlap Clothes… etc). Once those are gone, it should hopefully increase drop-rate on other Blueprints.

Secondly, they need to allow gun BPs to spawn in regular barrels, and not just rad-town barrels. This will help increase chances as well. These should still be ultra rare!, but allows more then just a select few people to find them.

C4s and Explosives should still remain Ultra Rare and be found only in Rad-Towns.

The loot tables should be adjusted in today’s update. The crap loot balance (all starter BPs) were an issue in the loot tables in the last update.

agree on removal of the starter bps. (bow and arrow should become starter bps). agree on barrels having the potential to have guns ammo etc. but disagree with c4/explosives only being in rad sites. they all look civilian/industrial at best. i would have the % chance highest in drops, next highest in rad sites, and lowest in barrels, but i wouldn’t restrain their spawn to rads.

The starter bp’s was a bug, and I am pretty sure based on @rustupdates on twitter and Rustafied’s commentary that this isn’t an issue in the current build.

Got ninja raided by a guy with a bow… He was great haha and i totally deserved it, after that he gave me my thompson back so i got one gun atleast but being unable to do some raiding after weeks of getting radtowns is just silly. I do like that airdrops now sometimes drop in water which is great for newbies, so a similar solution for example 2 planes at the same time dropping a airdrop like in legacy would be awesome. Until then ill just wait till 5 am and hope i get one tonight…

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I understand what you mean and they made the eoka pistol quite high due to this problem but if we were able to make atleast a waterpipe shotgun it would increase the fun of a solo player, i know if you’re on a good server you can get them somehow and i like the idea of opening a store selling guns like i did a loooooooooong time ago (when everyone could make them) with the bp system. You used to be able to get a stone hatchet and spear then go for cloth then go for a house and start the real fun and now it is make a small shack with a sleeping bag and run around hitting barrels in hope you get something that is worth something… Which in my opinion just ruins alot