Bring back flexible foundation 'sockets', embedded pillars

The recent loosening up of foundation placement restrictions has been great, and I have enjoyed doing some creative building recently that reminded me of building from legacy. One thing that I thought was nice from legacy was that foundations actually had 9 ‘sockets’, the four we have now, plus one in the middle on each side, plus the very center. This allowed for some more creative building when a foundation was partially blocked by rocks or other obstacles. It also allowed for creating an extra wall on a single foundation (through the middle). If that was added back in, without the prohibitive restriction on not being only able to place a ceiling/floor over an existing pillar, we could get a lot more flexibility back in building, and allow soloers and small groups the ability to make a little more protection for their smaller bases by using the space more efficiently.

I’m not 100% sure how this would work with triangle pieces, but it seems like at the least, you’d be able to attach a triangle foundation between two foundations.

Also, it’d be nice if pillars could also be placed as long as some part of the pillar was visible outside the rock as in legacy to help allow for more stable buildings in tight spaces.

Having this in this version would be nois.