Bring back hammer exporting?

I seem to remember back in Gmod 9 there was a way to export entities to Hammer, so I started reading up on if it was possible in Garry’s Mod. It is not, map_edit is present but it seems to only be for node graphs and all wc_ commands that used to be used to update the map do not exist (neither do things like hammer_update_entity which I read replaced wc_update_entity in Source 2007.)

So yeah, could we have this feature back? It’d be nice and I’m sure a lot of mappers would find it useful.

I think its called Hammer

i mean really? are you asking for in-game mapping?

Did you even read the fucking post? Source has had the ability to UPDATE entities in Hammer (including props) for a long time and it was possible previously, but it is broken in Garry’s Mod. Learn to read instead of just reading thread titles and looking for an opportunity to scrutinize people, why don’t you?