Bring back normal stairs

I would like to see the original stairs be implemented back into Rust. The current L and U type stairs are great and all to save on space, but they don’t align with doorways and just look terrible in my opinion.

Some of us actually want an aesthetically pleasing base, not just one to combat raiding, and I think the original stairs looked miles better. Sure they take up more space, but some of us prefer them. I think we should be given the choice of which one we want to use. Of course, along with the stairs we would also need the half blocks be re-implemented too.

Not only do I think they look better, but they also allow players to build better too. I used to enjoy building spiral staircases in a hexagon base, but alas, I cannot do that anymore because of the limitations of the current stairs. I have actually had to stop using stairs altogether because I absolutely hate having to do a weird crouch-jump thing to get through the doorways.

I feel bases used to look grander and more impressive with the original stairs, and now it’s all a honeycombed mess with doorways and L stairs and messy as s**t.

There should be an indoor stairs that essentially looks and functions like foundation stairs, for the same reasons.

If I knew how to rate I would give you an Agree