Bring back pitch black nights

Without them people just adjust their gamma so you can see clear as day.

With them you cannot gamma adjust, it just makes your screen super white.

Same problem with mortal online and dayz. They both got rid of pitch black night and it was stupid afterwards. People adjusted their gamma and there is no point of a day night cycle. Its always light out.

Keep the game hardcore please. Darker nights are a good thing.

Can anyone confirm that pitch black nights have been fully removed? I mean… moon cycle has been added, so maybe there are no pitch black nights only on full moon or something like that?

I didn’t test yet so I don’t know, but in case they actually fully removed it, I will also be kinda disappointed.

It doesn’t really make a lot of sense to have it. In the middle of the night the moon will let of lots of light if visible. Also I hated it, you couldn’t do anything for 5 minutes.

If you wanna adjust ur gamma every night then go for it. It’s kinda pathetic though. In the same way that turning grass off (unless you have to) is. I prefer realism along with a lot of players so I’d never do it. The fact of the matter is it’s a step forward and it looks a lot nicer this way. Were moving forward. Why go back again?

From the rust website that is easily accessible at

“One gameplay change the new sky might have is the with mr moon. Depending on the moon cycle night is no longer pitch black. We think this is a good thing.”

If they introduce changing weather/seasons which has been talked about then that will probably increase the number of pitch black nights

I think there still are pitch black nights, just not every night. According to the patch notes on new moons the night will still be pitch.
More realistic which I like, but I would miss the extreme darkness every night.

I’d have to see it for myself later on today to decide for sure but I tend to lean more towards realism in this regard.

If you aren’t near a big city with light pollution and there isn’t a ton of clouds in the sky, you can usually see pretty well at night actually.

To be fair, people were already adjusting their gamma before, and it was working.

I love the pitch black night… and it never stop me playing, that’s why Torch, flashlight and flare are made for…

Yeah, in the absence of a technical control to prevent gamma adjustment from working, I’d rather night just be not so dark. I can’t be bothered to mess with my gamma, and I get tired of getting killed my folks that obviously do change it. The idea of a dark night is cool, but not if it isn’t the same for everyone regardless of gamma settings.

Well, I’m ok if they still exist on new moon.

This is the problem. Even when they had pitch black nights, every night was not pitch black. It was different everynight like they had some type of basic moonlight system. This would allow people to adjust gamma on some of the nights but not all of them. I got killed by a guy who adjusted his gamma at night, most of the time you have to use a third party program.

So by putting in pitch black nights (every night), gamma adjusting does not work at all period. It just makes the black turn white but you still cant see. The only way you can adjust gamma on a pitch black system is to hack.

Most people dont understand this system and so they dont ask for it. I also dont like getting killed by gamma adjusters so pitch black nights is the only way to stop this.

yesss please bring it back ! torch are useless atm

no need everynight ! just random !

You don’t have to “hack” or use third party software you just go into your computers settings and change the gamma. I was never really into this but it always seemed to be unfair to the people that actually did do this. Changing how dark night is isn’t going to change the gamma goggles at all. You just lower the gamma a bit and bam you can still see like you are a cat. Garry won’t be able to stop people from doing this unless Rust locked out your computer and set it to standard settings whenever you load Rust. And that’s illegal, soooo nothings going to change about gamma goggles, you have no argument.

They were made to be sure that u gonna be killed during the night

what, pitch black still exists, it depends on the moon

Adjusting gamma actually does nothing for pitch-black nights, moderately-dark nights are what make gamma tweaking useful. The whole point of the tweak is to amplify very low levels of brightness to medium levels - you can’t amplify a brightness level of 0. It was always effective just before and after the pitch darkness, and never did anything during total darkness aside from brighten the skybox.

This is a step forward for realism, but a step back for the game’s mechanics. I use the gamma tweak in heavily populated servers because I have to in order to stay marginally competitive. I can say with total certainty that it’s better now than it was before, because it’s useful in every second of darkness.

The only solution to gamma tweaking is to either bring back pitch-dark nights every night, or implement a radical fog-of-war/HDR type of darkness that forces objects (depending on a threshold of distance from lights and the amount reflected by the material) to render at a brightness of 0.

I haven’t played since the update came out, but I think it would be nice if the moon shifting through the night would change the position of the night time shadows, which then the shadows were pitch black, thus players could hide and travel through the shawdows when they need to.

I don’t think pre-update there were different nights, every night was the same and at some point during the night it was pitch black for a short amount of time. And yes, during that time, gamma adj made no difference.

My point is that if they can’t figure out a technical way to make it so you can’t use gamma adj to see better, then don’t make nights very dark at all, just make it dim to where people who don’t adjust their gamma see well enough that those who do don’t have a huge advantage. I think it’d be hard to do this and still maintain a pitch black part of the night, because as you enter and leave that part of the night, the level of darkness will be advantageous to those who adjust gamma.

Or just give everyone automatic night vision (a la Riddick) based on some radiation exposure effect. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I recall they are looking into some graphic systems to fix the gamma cheatin. Doing things like blurring beyond a certain distance and using that film processing effect that you see when you are in a rad zone.