Bring Back "Resident Evil" Gamemode

Wanting to host a great gamemode but I don’t know how to convert to the new gmod.

I Still have all the content for it. even the gamemode files as well.

If anyone can help, I’m willing to pay $$$.

Add me on steam, maybe we can get this working

whats your steam name? mines

click on my steam icon below the avatar, i can’t find your steam

I could do it for free if you are intrested

ALready have gonzalolog doing it for me. he says he might have doubts but if it comes through. i’ll be able to host the server and start hiring admins. If not successful, i’ll give you a message


A little friendly advice: you should NEVER work for free. If you offer to work for free, you’re not “being nice”, you’re just being stupid.

It’s a mistake that nearly everyone makes when they start out, but I’m trying to reduce that :slight_smile:

booyadiaz & gonzalolog, hope you guys have some success with that :slight_smile:

Actually you’re not being stupid working for free, you’re showing that you don’t just give a shit about the money. Some people actually do it for a challenge to test themselves, do it to contribute to the community or for the experience to better themselves. Don’t just assume that someone is stupid just because they want to work for you for reasons other than a quick paycheck.

I get what you’re saying but instead of never working for free, you should never work unless you’re getting SOMETHING out of it (money, experience, a self of worth for helping others etc)

Exactly, i’m intrested in doing it for experience and lack of things todo at the moment.

That’s good depending on how much work is involved, and what the situation is. I mean, if someone is telling you what to do and/or how, that should be paying you. If someone is requesting something and you do it the way YOU want to do it, that’s another thing.

Why do you care if i wish to work for free anyways lol

If this world didn’t have a currency system, think of how much further along we’d be as a species not to mention how little word-effort would be required. Approx. 3 hours per week for any able-bodied person to work ( for mandatory tasks; and as long as you like on other tasks ), most everyone would be able to work the land for food, no one would go hungry, education would be on things that matter and people can put all of their time and effort into the field they want instead of a little bit of everything which gets them nothing out of high-school or college… People could choose to devote all of their time to a science, learn the necessary math, etc… required to succeed and thrive…

I find it quite noble when someone takes on a challenge for no fee in order to learn more about the task and the field to better themselves in the field.

But, unfortunately, we live in a world where greed and power comes first… People in the middle-east where water is scarce farm with very little water while farmers in the US spray so many gallons of it into the air only to have it evaporate and carried elsewhere, water which takes so many years to reprocess back into the very aquifers they tap.

If we weren’t so focused on money our world would be a vastly different and much friendlier place to live. Instead of questioning why someone would do something for “free” and belittling yourself to name-calling the individual, why not ask yourself why you find it so appalling.

sorry if i’m doing it for money guys, i just have 10$ in my wallet and i some cash is good

I definitely am not against wanting to better yourself or educate yourself, and I definitely DON’T mean “don’t be nice” or “don’t help others”, but surely you can see a difference between working for free and doing a favor.

I was basically trying to sum up this very helpful flowchart, which my commander has hung in his office:

If you find any flawed logic in this chart, or think my interpretation of it is wrong - that’s a conversation I’m interested in having :slight_smile:

Edit: I realized I haven’t expressed myself properly - I didn’t mean to call anyone stupid. I meant to call the action stupid. Smart people do stupid things too.

Of course. With as little time as I have each day to do things I try to do as much as I can, I do help people but I do take on jobs ( although I’m not at all reliable which upsets me because before the accident I had no trouble keeping deadlines, getting up, being able to move, etc… ) because costs need to be covered somehow… I understand our unfortunate circumstances and the choices are fairly limited in terms of take-part or starve…