Bring back some form of remove tool

I think the demolish should be brought back but could only be used by the person that place the structure pieces and not be tied to the cupboard, that will take care of the issue with people deleting bases after raid, remove tool is necessary to good base design and changes that you made need to make after starting.

I would like to see the demolish tool return as well. Its removal penalizes builders and home owners more than raiders looking to take out a base.

Personally, I think that if someone has put the time and effort into destroying all your tool cupboards, they should be able to either take over or demolish your base. But it shouldn’t be easy. Authorizing oneself shouldn’t be as easy as walking up to the cupboard and pressing E. Invaders should have to work for it, making sure they destroyed EVERY cupboard before they can place their own. You can counter this by making sure you place many cupboards on different levels in reinforced rooms to make them difficult to get to. If you have 1 cupboard on your main floor and it gets destroyed, then it’s your own fault for not building strategically.

One potential solution that was suggested that I like is allowing a code lock on a cupboard. People would be able to get to the cupboard, but not authorize unless they have the code. That would force them to destroy it. Under this model, cupboards should have a lot of HP to prevent their easy destruction, but shouldn’t be invulnerable.

Another idea that was suggested is that only the person who installed the cupboard should have the ability to authorize people, somewhat like the new sleeping bag mechanics. Only in this case, the owner would retain ownership. Once someone is authorized, then they can also authorize others as required or place new cupboards inside the radius to expand the build zone. Adding code locks on top of that would add another layer of security, so the owner could prevent other authorized builders from authorizing other people.

No base should be invulnerable to complete destruction. But it should take a serious, concerted effort to do so. If you make it enough of a pain in the ass for the raiders, then there’s far less chance they’ll destroy the base completely.

No base should be invulnerable to complete destruction. But it should take a serious, concerted effort to do so. If you make it enough of a pain in the ass for the raiders, then there’s far less chance they’ll destroy the base completely.

U don’t need cupboard control to destroy entire base, that’s what c4 is for if they really want to destroy it all they can but it will cost them.

That’s exactly my point. If raiders want to spend a dozen C4 charges to totally demolish a base, then it should be allowed. To the raiders, it then becomes of question of whether total demolition is worth the high cost of that many charges that could be better put to use raiding another base rather than levelling one.

Cupboard control prevents them from demolishing it effortlessly in a couple of minutes with no resources required (once they get in). There should be no goal in the game that costs nothing in terms of resources and time.

but the cupboard having that ability would potentially allow that. so your cupboard is locked away or locked. they find it, destroy it and place their own. now they have “destroy” again without resource costs.

c4 is high tier stuff. as you said, it’s use should come down to the value of the target, and IMO any other form of demolition should take time and resources; i will happily sacrifice my own time for that safety.

that said, i’m still an advocate for it being an admin power.

With enough HP, it would take a C4 charge to take out a tool cupboard. The sulphur cost to produce a single charge is pretty high. And with the patch from 2 weeks ago, sulphur has become far more rare. Quantities you get even from the sulphur rich rock nodes is low.

My team and I (4 of us) have been making gunpowder and explosives like crazy since the last wipe in hopes of stocking up and getting a C4 BP. We’ve depleted all the sulphur rocks in the desert biome already in our efforts (on a low pop server) and have even travelled to other parts of the island to get the sulphur from there as well. Quite literally, there’ s not a single sulphur containing rock left in the desert anymore. We got them ALL. When we finally got the C4 BP, we only had enough explosives to make 10 charges. Didn’t take us long to burn through them. As a result, we’ve been selective with our targets. Raiding? Yes. For fun to just destroy someone’s house? No.

So if someone sets up a house properly with multiple cupboards in reinforced, locked rooms on different floors with code locked doors blocking every hall, room, stairway, etc, it will take a hell of a lot of charges just to get through the doors, let alone destroy cupboards.

If someone built their base wisely, then it’ll take more charges than anyone can build in a couple of weeks to clear out all cupboards and take down the house. So I think it’s kind of moot. And if the assailants are willing to use up that many explosives on a single house, then they’re wasting all their charges and won’t have any left to take out another.

To get into my base - regardless which path of entry is chosen, it’ll take a minimum of 4 charges just to get to the front door of my “keep” - assuming that the charges don’t take out the stairs and floors (strategically left in twig) on the way there and block access. If they can get to the front door, it’ll take another 3 to get into the base, and another 6 to just GET TO the tool 4 cupboards on different floors. With that, the assailants will still have to actually destroy the cupboards.

nice idea keeping the stairwells in twig;)

i’m glad to hear that sulphar has been reduced, ore supply has been a longstanding oversight.

thing is, you shouldn’t need c4 to break the cupboard. if we start requiring c4 to advance anywhere in a raid, we may as well just revert to the legacy “everything is unbreakable without explosives” method. functionally it’s a box given superpowers that aren’t needed, but are useful and can be abused to grief another persons build. and the only way to make it effective is to place multiple cupboards in the same base.

Why not include a code lock system on the cupboard, ie 4 digit code to unlock the demolish tool/build tool (unless owner allows full access, like to sleeping bags), if someone used 1234 more fool them and they deserve to be homeless.