Bring back the ability of building around Monuments!

Hi there. It’s such a dissapointment that a possibility of building around/on/under monuments (such as satellite dishes and watertowers) is not allowed anymore with the recent update.

Recently I had one of the greatest game experiences came from surviving at our satellite dish base. Continious protection of our base was very exciting since an everyone could put a bunch of stairs and find one’s way to our base and we had to improve the defence frequently.
After a week of our brave base protection (from the players with the RPG and C4s) the base was finally undermined.

It’s so sad to see that our new planned satellite-dish base wouldn’t come true anymore after a wipe :v:
Me (a guy who immersed in game-development from the childhood and who thinks that Rust is something like a game of his dreams) and my mate (who is making top cs:go co-op and zombie maps with me) think that this restriction is totally odd and improper and carries only serious gameplay limitations.

PS. sorry for bad english

You’ll be okay.

Perhaps the devs have something in store for those monuments and that’s why they don’t want people building on them anymore.

The monuments now spawn loot. That’s why you can’t build around there. They don’t want loot spawning where it’s inaccessible to anyone but the people who built on / around the monument. Same reason you can’t wall off rad towns any more.

It seems this line was written for you then…

I think it’s great not to be able to build on them anymore. It was not really fair. Or logical. You built your base on an almost unraidable location (ALMOST) whose foundations could not be destroyed and, granted you put cupboard at the bottom, could not be tower raided without using TONS of C4. It was easy to rocket it on modded servers (I crafted 50 rockets in about 10 minutes on a x1000 server that I played on last weekend because I wanted to have fun for a couple evenings without playing for weeks), but on vanilla servers where a rocket takes 10 minutes to craft and a C4 20, it was an unpenetrable heaven.
Good riddance.