Bring back the decay.

Just as the title says I think decay needs to be back in the game to reduce the clutter on many of the populated servers. This would also help stave off the boxed cabinets up on rocks. Just a passing thought.

I agree with this idea 100%

As structures decay, they should mold and rot. So like a wood structures would become more rotten and decayed as time passes. For stone, maybe moss grows in the cracks and erodes it. And then scrap metal should become more ‘rusty’. Armoured should take the longest time to rust and decay. Also, twig should decay and break really quickly.

Decay was introduced specifically to prevent servers from filling up with objects to the point that nothing could be built. This was a limitation of older versions of Unity, which had a maximum of 65,535 physics colliders. garry’s development server would need to be wiped every three days.

Unity 5 doesn’t have that limitation, and so the maximum number of colliders is now a server performance limitation, not an engine limit.

Would it not make more sense to leave decay off and work out better server performance instead of relying on a crutch?

If decay comes back, it should be at a slower rate than it was in Legacy.

As stated, decay was more of a feature made to help circumvent the limitations of Unity 4 PhysX. With the upgrade to Unity 5 which sports a newer version of PhysX, there is practically no limitation to colliders on the server.

That being said, I don’t like empty and unfinished bases cluttering up the game worlds as well, so a form of decay would be nice. Legacy’s rate was too fast, however. 5 game days was all it would take for your base to not exist anymore, and not all of us can be in the game for the course of 5 game days. We have jobs and lives and shit.

Maybe instead of lasting for 5 game days, it could last for around 3-5 real world days. That way, it still helps to reduce clutter over time, while also being fair to people who don’t play the game several times a day.

And naturally, decay should be determined on the current tier of your base. Maybe have twigs last for a day and a half, wood last for 3-5 days, stone last for around a week, sheet metal last for around 2 weeks, and fortified metal last for a month. Give or take on the higher tiers for balance reasons.

The problem i encountered was not server performance, it was a saturation of abandoned buildings on the server. A few weeks ago i joined a populated server with my friends. after we met and started to look for a place to build a house, we couldnt find a place. for 15 minutes of running and crossing rivers, there were houses everywhere and most of them looked half built or raided. The whole server looked like a cemetary of abandoned houses. And that was before the demolished option was removed. We eventually gave up. Now that there are no ways to removed the abandoned houses, 1 week after the wipe the server are getting filled. And correct me if i’m wrong, but i think the long term plan when the game is finish is to have wipes every 1 month or 3 months. Not once a week.

Either there i a way to remove the building parts manually, or the building decay by themselves, because the current situation is only a good model for 1 or 2 weeks wipes.

no because floating cubes/houses/toolboxes greatwalls of china and huge bases that arent used are dumb as fuck to not be decaying.

natural disasters would help alot

Decay is also good for making the whole environment less screwy. Everywhere I look all I see is twig bridges, ramps, towers and abandoned cupboard rooms all around the map. Would be nice to have some sort of cleansing system in place. I really like the concepts on rust trello.

The big benefit to adding decay now is to eliminate the spammed twig structures that are all over the place. It’ll also be nice to have when servers are wiping less frequently to prevent things like someone joining once and building something with a cupboard and then never coming back to the server from creating tons of spots you can’t build without raiding first.


I mean it was one of the fun things in legacy out finding resources find a big building missing parts and black walls. Run back make some grenades build stairs up and grenade a few walls. Most of the time you found nothing but sometimes you found massive stack of guns or resources and what not. I mean for decay to work in current rust after 7 real days the first thing to go is the cabinets. Then as someone said the aging of parts mold missing stones rusty metal. then within 10 days the building is no more.

No really, after some months, despite the fact that server holds it or not, the map would turn itself in a disgusting geto of abandoned houses, partially built structures that are only taking CPU resources for nothing.

I understand that decay could impact performance when enabled, but it could be a routine to be applied in “maintenance mode”. Just like eve online, where you have about 30 minutes per day for server cleaning. Therefore you would have the best of both worlds, a cleaned server and no performance issue.

Definitely, we need decay back.

Let’s resume decay benefit:

a) better server performance;
b) cleaning of abandoned structures taking space that could be used by players;
c) better ambience, instead of a “free for all minecraft noob server”.

I think decay should start when 3 real-world days have gone by and take 6 hours to finish. Once it finishes the structures get deleted.

However if your going to vacation or something, then you should be able to put resources inside the tool cupboard and everything in the tool cupboards radius should automatically repair.

You can always add decay in a way that makes more sense. Allow buildings to become dilapidated. At a certain point the structure integrity starts to lower and parts will begin to collapse.

If the cupboard still exists, you can make it so at a certain state of decay, the cupboard protection is removed.

Because of the way the wall-health works, at a certain point you would just be able to smash though in a few hits.

how about this. rather than try and calculate every building piece seperately, have it that every 10 minutes, every panel in the world takes 1 decay damage. now twig gear breaks after a few hours, the rest will take ages but will fall eventually. allow players to repair walls etc with the hammer as usual damage, and provide the admins with the remove tool for those especially obnoxious buildings or reversing griefing.

This. I had suggested something like this before. It could be evolved and tie in to real weather events and effects later down the road (storms, wind, rain, lightning, etc)

decay is part of the game imho, if a group of players stop playing, their house has to become a natural ruin.

Admins do have a remove tool, they have for quite a while.

Could they tie in a decay system with the cupboards based on radius(like the building priv) and movement in the boxes radius? kind of like a sensor based thing, if someones been sleeping in the house and not online for a day or so (changable) decay would start if there is movement from box assigned players then decay would stop and players would repair and stuff and then if they go offline and dont return again the decay would begin again, not sure if this could work but just a thought to giving the player kind of like a time limit in wich they must return to the server in order to stop the decay, this could also encourage players to return and at the same time for the ones that dont reduce the clutter on servers.