Bring back the hoverboards!

Those were AWESOME and only as mingable as jeeps.


Feeling like an idiot, I’ve decided to clarify: Hoverboards are simply unpopular for some reason. IDK why. I just want them to be “brought back” into the conscience of Gmodders.


I mean that they’re unpopular now, hurr. I already have it.
rates “dumb” because you missed the point completely

How the fuck I missed the point? you said BRING THEM BACK, like they dissapeared.
Also, why you give half a shit about ratings?

  1. They might as well have disappeared, as I never see them on servers anymore.
  2. Because apparently someone else does, someone who rates me dumb.

Let me tell you that it isnt something to cry about, and yes, hoverboards are losing popularity

Wow what the fuck. Just quit bitching about it and e-mail Garry, we don’t give a good god damn what you do.

Why not just get a hold on hoverskate somehow?

Does anyone even know hoverskate?

I used to play it on a server alot. Good times.

If you meant that they’re unpopular, why didn’t you mention that in your first post?

All I see is you demanding to bring them back, as if they’ve been removed. You are unclear and then you call others dumb for missing your point?

Heard of it. Never got it to work.

@All: The first steps in making Hoverboards popular again are to:
-Install them to your own computer (it’s an Addon, and is accessible through the toolgun menu).
-Ask server admins/owners to install the hoverboard addon.
-Get your friends to download the hoverboard addon.
-Get THEIR friends to download the hoverboard addon.

ALSO: Edited first post.

Or just deal with it because they aren’t THAT popular like there were?

Why would I bring it up, in that case?

Children, calm down. You all are acting as if a metal rod just got launched up your asses. As to the OP, there was really no point in posting this, as no one is going to create a ‘Hoverboard Revolution’ and bring them back.

Maybe they were popular for a while, but I think it’s had it’s time and it’s been replaced by better sweps (sweps or whatever?) since then

They aren’t just some fad, they’re…hoverboards!

At the very least, download the hoverboard addon.