Bring back tickrate

Seriously, you removed tickrate? Why?

we NEED it to bunnyhop, we have bunnyhop servers on which you can’t bhop without tickrate 100+

Why remove it? Just because it makes your server run slower? You need to actively change it in the first place, it won’t make your server laggy unless you specifically set it to be high.

We need this, you can’t just remove it for no reason, bring it back.

Counter Strike, various bhop mods for source…

why does gmod NEED bhop?

Because we can’t have a HUD on counter-strike, because we can’t mod anything in the gamemode in counter-strike except basic things, we can’t have a proper pointshop in counter-strike, gmod bhop is alot better than counter-strike.

Don’t say “what’s the point in having it”, rather say “what’s the point in removing it” if people are actually using this.

It’s essential

It’s probably just me but when I’m bhopping I don’t give a single shit about hats and trails (pointshop). And for the HUD, a bhop hud needs to be simplistic. I like it being a single box with the speed/time/jumps shown. Just like on CSS.

What is there to mod?

Settings, too.

Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean nobody cares, we care, CS:S is completely different from gmod, you will notice that every gmod bhop server is completely different from both CS:S and other servers.

Some people actually care about that.

What settings?

Bhop settings?

Tickrate, jump power, airaccelerate, gravity, it’s all necessary, you may not know but even Sassilization had settings in their gamemode (LUA), you could uncrouch while bhopping because the jump power was set to a specific amount, this is inachievable in css.

Yes, I’ve been at sassilization for a long time now.

But I’m just saying that you can bhop on CSS just fine without any setting (except aa and tickrate). If you know how to.

That’s not the issue! I’ve got 1200 hours in CSS and 80% of that is bunnyhop, I’m bored of that vanilla crap, I want something different, which is Gmod, Garry is obviously ill informed about the tickrate because some guy posted a wall of text saying that it slows down your server.

It’s all started here:

I host a lot of Gmod Server and those days i have seemed there is a section in Gmod Github for make requests, i have one since a long time ago for remove the -tickrate for better networking control of the server with other commands, since there is lot of problems and cap with tickrate since a really long time ago than even valve dropped the support for it.

One of the most commons is with script-speed. (33 tick rate for example, the script will execute it 33 times per second, and when you join in another server with another tick, you see your stuff running differently)

I just only opened the request because of the flaws -tickrate has, i have no intention to break anything, i feel sorry if it broked your addon involving bhop and i really feel myself guilty for it, but it was only a request, the request space is there for anyone who wants to make a request, i mean, i just requested it, it was opened for discussion and then approved…

I have to say a lot of times sorry if this have messed up with your server, what you can try is to change fps-booster settings to your previously tickrate value, with fps_max, as you can see in

We need both -tickrate 100(or higher) and fps_max 1000, I just want Garry to put it back because if people have trouble with high tick, they can just put -tickrate 33, or anything they want.


Look at the comments…

The trouble is not with high tick, is with the tick incosistency/cap/bugs itself. fps_max after does not have any effect without changing tickrate.

Try this for your currently settings:

Launch command: fps_max 1000

Rate Settings:
sv_minrate 13000
sv_maxrate 25000
sv_minupdaterate 66
sv_maxupdaterate 101
sv_mincmdrate 66
sv_maxcmdrate 101

I agree tickrate should come back.

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Plus Andre Gomes, I think that it does not matter that experience is inconsistent, people should have a preference, on CS:S the goal was for shooting, Garry’s mod is all sorts of fun, with 100 tick for example a parkour gamemode could incorporate all sorts of skill based elements rather than just silly little wall climbing etc.

I think that tickrate is not a problem, on top of that it can reduce CPU usage. It’s pointless to disable something that has a bit of use, no matter what it be.

I’m also pretty sure tickrate caps fps_max so you can’t really emulate what tickrate did without setting tickrate itself…

As well as that, sometimes yes it breaks scripts, but it is a server owners choice, its not really anyone elses…

Actually, this can be quite a big issue if it isn’t handled right. If a script relies on a server using tickrate 33, but someone is hosting it on a server with tickrate 66, the script is executing twice as fast. Now, if the script does something every tick, something particularly computationally heavy, it’s going to be doing it twice. This will either slow down the server, or require faster hardware. If whatever the script is doing is important, it running too many times could cause issues with precision of stored data, or just general whackiness.

There is little reason to have adjustable tick if it only hurts a minority of players. Especially when the effects of inconsistent tickrates are much more severe.

Then set it to 33…

So you are saying that because a server owner made the stupid choice of setting their tickrate to one the script did not work properly on, that garry should disable tickrate?

Yes the effects can be severe, but seriously, would you really not think about them before setting your tickrate. Especailly for something like TTT where players don’t really care about shooting or “reg” like on CS:S it is easy to lower the tickrate since most of TTT feels the same (I haven’t even felt a difference). Adjustable tick can be useful or a hindrance, but when most people leave it at the default is it really that much of a problem that is worth disabling. If scripts do not run well on 66 tick they could be adapted too…
And if a script was doing something computationally heavy, what if it was designed to be just run on 33 tick so that the task would not take up too many server resources.

People live near volcanoes because the soil is fertile, yet eruptions can easily destroy whole villages, which then a lot of the time will not move and just rebuild, why? because the fertile soil offers benefits despite the huge risk of a volcano.

Its not server owners fault, its tickrate’s fault.

How the hell servers owners are going to control tickrate to work with all scripts created by garry’s mod players?

-tickrate 33, or 66, seriously, how the hell are they going to control it? By putting it in the startup file.

Because most garry’s mod players make their scripts for 66 tick, there are exceptions (e.g. Bhop Gamemodes) but seriously, locking the tickrate isn’t a brilliant idea most general servers will stick to 66 tick and some people have been told to set their servers to 33 tick for better cpu usage in cases like TTT etc etc. It is only a problem when a script depends on a tickrate (which I have not seen extreme cases). Lots of server owners find it easy to set a lower tickrate and maybe it should be locked so that scripts do offer a consistent experience, but there is really, really no ultimate benefit from locking it, apart from the proper usage of a script. I really think that in this case, most servers keep to 66 tick unless they are certain that 33 tick will cause no problems. It really is ultimately pointless apart from annoying a nice community (Bunny Hop) which I do enjoy on GMod as well as CS:S.

Plus, do you really see 64 slot + CS:S servers commonly, since 33 tick allows a more stable experience on higher slot servers imo…