Bring it on Blu + Others

A few models have rekindled my liking for this sort of stuff. Some were edited, most i just could not be bothered with.

wow pretty nice, good posing on most of them, i like em’

fucking shit those pictures are big. Thats all i have, because nothing needs improving or fixing, imo.

I really like the riot police one. It really captures the mood.


weren’t you like some prepubescent little ten year old that kept posting ridiculous garbage like jaystamx who always thought you were tough shit and could hold your own because you released so much shit in sheer volume even though you were never actually good enough to be part of the cool kids

i SWEAR that was you. I’m pretty sure it was.

REGARDLESS, these pictures are all really awesome. The TF2 ones def. take the cake in comparison to pretty much all others out there.

22 year old and no i posted stuff cause i wanted to, not to gain some form of internet glory.

You must feel special randomly bringing that out on him.

Anyways, the posing is great. I wish I could do good run poses like so.

I personally enjoy the riot cop pose instead.