"Bring it on..." Francis about to fight a tank (Small scenebuild)

Decided to stop with close ups for a while. :v:
Tell me how you like it/ how to improve.


The Build:


The Original

[media] http://filesmelt.com/dl/gm_bigcity0040.jpg

He is incredibly boned.


Go see Left 4 Speed, and you’ll see what I mean.

The lower part of francis looks weird(Dunno why tho :confused: I just think it looks weird, there are some bright parts around the chest that make me think you didnt isolated or something and the lighting doest match).

But the rest is pretty awesome, the posing, the shading on the tank and francis, the DoF on the tank, his expression and all the other stuff.

Found it.
Its a posing mistake.
Thank you Santz gotta take more care while posing.

I dig the lighting, and that is the most simplistic scenebuild I believe I have ever seen.
One of my recent pics would make a good follow-up for this.

Also Francis has a little bit of thumb clipping with his left index finger.

The lower part of Francis looks like it’s a bit… scrunched, compressed, sorta. Otherwise, this is awesome.

the shading inside his jacket really needs work. Other than that, you are really improving.

He’s going to break his left thumb if he punches the tank holding his fingers like that.

Well hes fucked.

Like Resfan said he’s dead.

shading needs a lot of work, looks really random and out of place and pose his legs properly.

what a scene

Great shading in parts. Build is good too.

Thanks for great C&C people.
I know its a pretty simple build but alteast its not a boring 1 zombie close-up.
What I dont understand, why is the shading out of place and random?

The shadows inside his jacket are too wide. Other than, you are really, really improving.

Seeing that this is still alive I improved the lighting and added a light source.

That’s it. Francis has lost his mind. Rest in peace.

Scene build is epic… Nah kidding. Not much to pick on. Francis jacket looks a bit weird. Or it can be my eyes. Anyway. You get wood for his expression. I love it.