"Bring it on freaks, lets dance"


Just practicing with blood again and trying a new angle… I think this time I did a better edit.
Does it looks good in your eyes or was I wrong? You are the Judge!

Comment, criticize and rate mates!

ALSO ORIGINAL :slight_smile:


Blood is a little… Off. Good posing though!

Holy crap it looks like box art

Holy crap, that’s cool.

Starwars guy in the front, Force lightning Saber throw

Remind’s me of a thread title of mine >:L
Nah, I keed, looks good

What are those and why do I feel like I have seen them before?

But not a bad picture, blood seems a little odd, but still nice.

itsa itsa itsa

They are the titans from Risen mate, and what you mean by odd? :S

Moar comments people :slight_smile:

the blood is too bright, it should be almost black, but still have a tint of red in it. other than that, i like it. keep them poses up.

666th post oh yes

Seems chunky and angled strangely.

a bit wrong blood angle i think… and blood quality could be better , very nice work :bravo:

Posing is awesome

Blood needs: quality, chunky?, odd, bad angled - Noted.
Posing : Looks good? :dance: yay!

Well thanks guys, more comments would be appreciated :slight_smile:

They kinda remind me of Aliens; the shape of their heads. Probably the Queen.

…oh, yeah. The pic is GORY! :smiley: Good work.

Blood is too bright and looks too fake. Also, he’s leaning a bit oddly, he should be facing them more directly.

Did you get the guns from NeoTokyo?

Haha I thought the same but for me they are the outcome of Alien having sex with a Pterodactyl lol.

Fake? really? ok. About the leaning, yeah its kinda true but its the model’s fault, posing him sucks because all his joints are broken.

And about the guns yeah they come from NeoTokyo.

Tell me what you think of the picture people! Also I added the “Original” to the OP so you guys see how much I edited :slight_smile:

Thanks god you fixed the super bright model… Hahahaha…
Anyways… Must agree about the blood… Looks kinda fake… But I still like it…
Its bloody good… And as ever you can always get better… :smiley:

The creatures look awesome.

I like the posing, but those creatures are insanely awesome.

i like it,

Lol true he looked like he got covered in wax, and rating you late about the blood XD <3

Thanks for the current comments people! But I feel like there is some people that might still want to comment :smiley: so feel free to do so!