"Bring me the Quarian's head!" - Tali's Last Stand, 'Duke Nukem' Style



“It’s time to kick Geth ass and chew bubble gum…and I’m all outta gum.”

Holy mother of artistic.

You’ve gotta tell me how you do them muzzle flashes some time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nice picture, the only thing I don’t like too much is Tali’s head/neck. It’s not much you can do, but the way it is now looks strange to me.

Nonetheless, great picture.

Holy fucking awesome of awesomness.

This is my favorite screenshot ever.

holy father and cousins of artistics

Can’t see the image…

“Dali Nukem Forever” will be epic…sadly it got cut off (Joking).

Jeez, the muzzle flashes are freakin great.

That’s pretty cool actually. Don’t favor the neck posing though.

The husks on the ridge are a nice touch.

Wow. Just wow. This said ping on my awesome scale. Artistic if FP will let me rate. They ought to fix that bug.

dude, seriously, fuckwin awesome. my new desktop background

by the way, if you tried to recreate the Doom 1 cover, a few people realized that he only has ONE gun in his hand http://img.listal.com/image/203938/600full-doom-cover.jpg look closely

Funny, that was also part of my inpiration. I was gonna have just one gun originally, but I figured two guns is more badass. I’ll have to try recreate that pic at some point!

Thanks to all who have commented (so far) :slight_smile:

I want lesson on those muzzleflashes!

Seriously, I suck so bad at futuristic muzzle flashes :saddowns:


And yes, I love your ME-themed screenshots, A+ for you!

Looks oversharpened/noise.

Also she is oddly posed, I don’t see her fingers wrapped around the grips of the pistols, looks like they’re floating beside her hands.

Her head looks… odd. Muzzleflash’s are… odd too say the least, they look like red sparks profusely flying out of the gun.

Hmmmm, now that you mention it, it does look oversharpened. I’ll decrease it.
Fraid I can’t do much about her hands. The model is kinda messed up in that department.
I’m no expert with muzzleflashes, but this is set in the future. Sparks are all the range.

Holy fucking shit. The editing, the idea, the whole scene, the colours, everything…

God damn awesome!

The best Mass Effect-themed GMod picture ever. And I fucking mean it!

Thats a lotta praise. Thanks you!

You also managed to make Saren look truly evil. I love everything in this picture.

We need more pics with Saren, he’s a badass.