Bring The Chaos - New US Server

New Rust Server!

Name: |Central US| NO SLEEPERS - Instacraft - Bring The Chaos


About: Chaos is a new server started by a group of fellows that have put in about 60 hours each over the past week. We wanted to form our own community that we could grow with, together. We enjoy forming alliances, raiding, fighting, and everything Rust. We decided that we would have no sleepers because defense just isn’t reliable yet. It’s too easy to break into a well-defended fortress at this point in alpha. Instacraft was included for ease and convenience. Doorshare is also a good thing for alliances (or a bad thing), so be careful who you trust. Anything else you’d like to know, please, let me know! To connect, type “net.connect”. After the first time, it’ll be in your history and it’ll be easy to join!

Location: US

Donations: No

PvP: Yes

Beginner-friendly: Yes

Seeking-admins: No

Crafting-time-percent: 0

Slots: 100

Admin-power-usage: not used

Admin-usernames: users on the server who are admins; robsonic2, boulderfists, plegnic

Sleepers: no

Airdrop-min-players: 10

Server-launched: 2014-01-20

If you have any questions, I’ve no issue answering them here or on the server! See you in game!