Bring the Half Blocks Back

Now I know that you could do not much with the half block items but I found them really useful for creating stairs and such
Here is what I did

H=Half Block


This would create some defensible stairs
So why did the dev’s say that noone used them??
Why did they remove a perfectly fine gameplay element??
Bring them back, taking away game elements only means your limiting players on what they can do. People used those blocks for what they were meant to use them for but we (The Players) found more ways to use these blocks than most other items in the game

i used them. now i have to use stupid ugly Ushape stairs wich doesn’t fit with doorway.

Everyone used them. At least every experienced player did.

I meant that the dev’s said no one used them. I didn’t know how many people used them…so I just went off what the dev’s said

And you have the list of hundreds of servers you investigated while determining this, yes? “Everyone” is a broad term that encompasses tens of thousands of players or more around the world.

elix, I know you are the self appointed spokesperson for facepunch, (and more often than not I agree with you). But yes, after nearly 3,000 hours of playing, I think I can safely say that all experienced players use half-blocks, in one way or another.

Sure, you can probably find an exception to this rule, but that would be pedantic.

I can back neil up with this one. Yes we are using blocks.

I used them to create a reinforced outer wall. Foundation with 2 blocks stacked on top with 4 walls and a roof all armoured was very tough to get through. Unless they introduce a solid block?

Bring the Half Blocks, Stairs Back!

Guys, please Bring the Half Blocks, Stairs Back! You need give Us more construction elements, but not delete them. I’m builder, not only killer,or raider…

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I have not seen a single person claim that they DO NOT use these blocks or stairs.

Everyone uses them.

Time to stop playing rust! they need to add more to buildings not take them away!!

close to 1400 hrs here and I run a modded server. Please put the effin half blocks and steps back.
The game needs to go in a positive direction and if your going to hobble players ability to be creative in their base construction (and I know my piddling little server means nothing to facepunch) I’m one of several others I’ve talked to who will switch their server to another game.
Less servers, less players. less players, less profit.

I think the majority of people didn’t use them as intended.

The half stairs weren’t meant to be uses as a bunker window or whatever else. Just like they weren’t meant to be rotated around to hide loot rooms.

The half block wasn’t meant to be used to make shelves, bunker windows, raid towers, reinforced walls, reinforced roofs, etc.

They became those because of the alpha nature of the game and the coding.

Easier to remove them than to recode.

Adapt or quit playing.

I can’t wait to see what comes out next.

And I used them in a similar manner as reinforced outer walls. Takes a hell of a lot of C4 to break through 3 layers of armour.

And that’s not to mention all the other useful “intended” ways.

They need to fix the way these building elements are used to exploit, not remove them from the game. That’s basically curing the disease by killing the patient.

On another note…


yes the half block was used for ways they wasn’t intended to be I agree with that but that’s the beauty of a alpha sandbox style game the blocks have been here for god know how long and are apart of the building style of the game you say it easier to remove then recode I would a agree but I wouldnt say easier I would say just lazy.

I have use these blocks to almost everything you listed to reinforce walls, build shelves, and yes I have used them to correct way also to block up unleveled floors and build walk ways to my bases.

so im guessing facepunch will be fixing the maps now so 90% of the ground is now more level because with out these blocks building a base with level floors cant be done unless you build a small base that that anyone can raid with little to no amount of resources

Lol, everyone needs to calm down, the world didn’t end.

If you can’t figure out a way to build with the terrain, or level the foundations, take a break from the game. Watch some Rust videos, play something else.

I do agree that the maps are unrealistically bumpy and hilly and very challenging to build on.

Oh f’ing please, come on. When was the last time things added to the game had a specific “intention”? They throw shit on the ground and say “let’s see what they do with it”. And what we did with it was creative, crafty and useful. People hid loot rooms behind staircases and made fake half-floors that were hard to detect, omgz… … that’s somehow bad? We should be more obvious? Bad for whom, the handful of oblivious players who demand that loot boxes be stacked neatly at the corners of a house and all rooms require the minimum number of C4 to get through?

I haven’t heard a single legitimate destructive “exploit” that is unique to half-blocks mentioned through all these threads. Not … a… single… one.

There wasn’t an instruction manual included with the halfblocks and stairs, so as far as anyone knew, there wasn’t a right or wrong way to use them.

Agree fully with most people here, it was not right for the dev’s to completely remove the half block and stairs. Lots of people used it and need it for general building