Bring the night back!

When i start playing Rust i didnt pushed my gamma to max.
The Night was atmospheric and full of adrenalin.
Few days later i used this Gamma-Tweak, because everyone used it.
It destroys a part of the game for me, but i need to use it to survive against other gamma tweaking players.
There is no “even with gamma tweak you can barely see something”. No its bright as hell, i can clearly see all things like on day time!

Dear Rust-Developers, plz adjust the light setting at night. Even when i use 280% Gamma and a black would be light grey, then all things at night should be light grey, i shouldnt have a contrast between objects, even with my gamma tweak.

An indicator for a newbie? He runs around with torchlight at night!

It pretty much can’t be used due to the unbalance it creates between fair and abusive players…

Even so, I miss it all the same.

Sounds like you need to use hacks too. To survive against the other hacking players.

Making players invisible/culled when there’s dim light is probably the only way to combat this problem, without reverting to the old night.

Sounds like you dont know the difference between legit tweaks and cheats.
Sounds like you dont know me
Sounds like you are only interested to destroy this Thread

Stay on topic. Dont be a troll. Focus on the intention of this Thread: “bring back the night”
Get well soon.

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Oh, interesting! To guarantee fairness, animals trees and ores should be invisible too,

when night whas befor me it still whas easy to see^^ benq :slight_smile:

Reported for trolling

Reported for spam because of “Report, don’t reply.”

Now back to the topic at hand, other than making objects/players (somewhat) invisible at night they could also add a particle effect or fog at night that limits vision past a certain point.

Although that would likely require more processing power than just flipping a switch that changes view distance for objects/players during the night time.

I do miss the old super pitch-black nights… the gamma cheat didn’t do much of anything back then. The new skybox looks really good though so, I dunno, I’m torn.

Why is this gamma “tweak” a hack? It’s just a option for your screen

Technically it can be considered a cheat because it’s something outside the available options in game to bypass the mechanics set in place by the devs. The devs made night dark. It’s supposed to be dark. Using something like gamma to bypass game mechanics to gain an advantage is a cheat, IMHO.

It’s not a game option; it’s in your operating system settings. A tweak is a minor change to a setting. Blasting your gamma all the way up to make the nights visible is a complete reconstruction of the game.

Complete Reconstruction of a game is not an accurate term. I can change my gamma in my computer settings. Does that mean I use it ingame? Does that mean I am changing files? No. Gamma is completely seperate from the game files so I do not see the issue in changing it.

You’re right, it’s not changing any game files or anything like that but it sure is kind of a shitty thing to do when the designers of the game clearly built it that way so that nighttime would be dark.

I think what he meant by “complete reconstruction” is that you’re modifying how the game is played, playing it in a way that the devs don’t intend.

Not playing the game as intended. Especially when it’s an online game giving you an advantage over other players.

I don’t see a graphic option in game about gamma control so to go to extra bounds to increase your vision at night… well i consider it cheating.