[Bring Your Own Beans.com] Community rust server! - Door Sharing | Noob Friendly | PvP | InstaCraft | Sleepers | Helpful Admins + EVENTS!

The [BYOB] community is proud to introduce our new rust server! We want all of you to come check the server out and see if you like it.
The server has a bunch of friendly and helpful players so if you’re new don’t be afraid to hop on and ask some questions! The admins are also very active and work hard to make every players experience fair and fun.

Check out our website & public TeamSpeak at www.bringyourownbeans.com
Join our Rust server! net.connect

Server Info:
Location: United States
Wiped 01/12/2014
Door Sharing: ON - Powered by Oxide
Sleepers: ON
InstaCraft: ON
Group System: ON (With group chat)
Airdrops @ min 25+ Players
Community Events: “Grenade Run” “Melee Brawl” “Shoot the Admins” and others! with prizes!

CUSTOM LOOT TABLES!! - We continue to tweak these to find the best possible balance.
Military weapons & ammunition are more rare than usual while the primitive weapons are common.
Explosives are hard to obtain!
Custom Air Drops!
Our goal with these loot tables is to add longevity to the game by making end game items more rare while keeping the gameplay fun and interesting.

Hey Guys,
I have been playing on this server for a while now and I have to say this server is great. They have an amazing community, chill, admins and not to mention the constant mod updates they apply to their server. It allows for a great playing experience and fun time, I suggest you try it out XD.

This server is this best server I have had the pleasure of joining. It was just recently wiped as of yesterday so get on now and start gearing up with the rest of us!:smiley:

The COMMUNITY: Friendliest bunch of people once you get to know em(watch out for bandits though;) )

So join us in BYOB and have yourself a fun time.

hi im not sure how you post a comment on this so this might not work but i have been searching for a good game for ages but haven’t found one but this one is great. the community are really friendly so if your like me and you can’t find a good server join this one.