Bringing back an old Gamemode (BMRP)

Hello! For those who’ve heard of Aerolite and played their Black Mesa RolePlay (or BMRP for short) will most likely know what I’m talking about. For those who don’t, here is a quick summary of it:

Black Mesa Roleplay is a roleplay gamemode based on Half Life 1, but before the whole Resonance Cascade. The year is 1998.
What happens in the gamemode is entirely up to what is happening in character, the gamemode is designed to be dynamic to the servers story that is created by the players themselves.

Most known BMRP servers have died, and barely anyone has a copy of the original gamemode (Its mostly broken due to updates, anyways). I plan to re-code the gamemode from scratch, while also implementing the old features and new ones into the gamemode.

I was wondering if I should spend my time/money into coding and creating a BMRP server, and if anyone would be interested into playing. I don’t want to end up spending 35 dollars and coding a whole entire gamemode for nothing. Feel free to post your thoughts

I’d absolutely be interested!

Maybe it’s just rose tinted goggles, but I can recall years back the great variety in DarkRP based servers. Along with the vanilla “city” DarkRP you had Black Mesa RP, 1942RP (which granted still does exist, but it just doesn’t “do” it for me anymore), HL2 based DarkRP, and all matter of other modifications. That, and other maps were actually used (granted, most were RP_downtown, but at least variations of the map).

Now, the perception of DarkRP is generally just a boring, shitty game-mode with the same old copy and paste servers, and this perception certainly exists with good reason.

That being said, I have many fond memories of playing on Aerolite BMRP around 2010-2011 or so. I had fun playing on the recent “wave” of BMRP servers the past months or so, but they just didn’t have the same charm. If there is anything you do differently, make it the rules. What held back the recent wave of BMRP servers was a collection of annoying, arbitrary rules, and I hope that you do different. Really, just keep it simple stupid and let IC be IC and OOC be OOC as much as possible. For example, if a visitor lands their hands on a gun and is parading about restricted areas, don’t have an admin fly in, physgun them away and say “nonono, you can’t do that”; rather, let the security force deal with it through IC means (so long as the player isn’t doing anything shitty like gunning everyone down for no apparent reason).

On a semi-related note, It’d be great to see a throwback DarkRP server. Imagine, a server with minimal downloads, the classic simple UI (none of that ugly ass shit that takes up 25%+ of your screen, just the old box on the bottom left and ammo counter on the bottom right), a different map (if it must be Downtown, go back to the old V2 for variety), basic jobs, and a simplistic rule-set.

Maybe I’m just sick of Gmod, and things then were just the same as now, but either way I’d be delighted to see what comes of your efforts!

I plan to base the gamemode to mainly based around the player, and what they want to do. In other terms, there will be no “This didn’t happen in HL1, its FailRP”. I feel that BMRP is fun because it allows the freedom that no other RP can provide, and that no other Role Play can provide that. If a player wants to capture a Vortigaunt and have him as an assistant, he should be allowed too (If the other player wants too). If he wants to build a teleporter, he can. The only thing about this, is for it to at least be reasonable.

Things like a Visitor getting a gun and raiding the place should require some form of staff, but will be allowed sometimes.

I’m also trying to shy away from the fact that staff needs to be on for bigger events, such as a cascade. For example, the administrator should be able to call a cascade on Saturdays with a command, and for there to be no staff present.

I played over 400+ hours on the Aerolite server. I loved it so much and I was quite sad when it was abandoned by the server owner who I knew a lot. The Resonance Cascade events, tram crashing, alien invasions, etc.

The best parts were some guy jumping in the tram killing everyone.

I would be very interested in this and I would love to see Black Mesa come back.

The things that made this gamemode fun was the idea of the characters creating the atmosphere. A lot of great role players were excellent at this in Aerolite. The only problem with Aerolite was there was only around 2-3 active admins on at once. This wasn’t much of a problem most of the time since most people were well behaved.

I really do hope if you plan to recreate this whole thing, try not to ruin it with too many admins. Keep it around 5 ish.

However, In my opinion I don’t really think you can recreate it like it was back in the past. There were certain people and certain admins who made Aerolite special; without them, I don’t think it will be the same. You can still try but it would take a lot of time to get the same reputation Aerolite did.

Good Luck.

Dynasty gaming, the last Black Mesa Roleplay server shutdown like a month ago. A lot of the people who played often were good roleplayers, and will most likely joining us, as they would all be happy to see some type BMRP arise again.

Really? I can still join and play, no one plays tho.

About making a new BMRP yes please!

What I meant by that is that the owner had announced the shutdown of the server on Feb. 16 a month ago, rendering it dead.

I’m also noticing some other communities creating Clock-Work (Why?!?!) Black Mesa RPs.

I’m working extremely fast to get this done, I even got my friend to help me to quicken things up. Hopefully I’m done before anyone else is.

Because they can ? Also there is even a Nutscript Batman-RP (How is that supposed to even work ?)

Also i would totally play BMRP again, used to play there and i ahd really much Fun. Even the Little Kids can RP there (Wich is Rare)

Shakes, can you give me your steam profile or link it to Facepunch? I would like to be one of the first people that play the server.

I’m also creating a group for it soon.
I will be posting updates there on the development status of the gamemode.

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Here’s the group:

i would be interested but i have no time
i will for sure play it if it comes out though This Guy tries to steal your Idea about making BMRP again. He wants to use Dark RP so you can expect how this gonna end…

I’d love the help. Add me on Steam and we can discuss things in more detail.

the original bmrp was based off darkrp too…
yet it was one of the few servers ive spent most of my time on

The gamemode I’m using as a base is DarkRP, but its basically going to be stripped of almost everything, such as chat commands, entities, jobs, etc. and replaced with others.
The reason why I’m not worried about competition is because I have a friend who has a copy of the original Aerolite gamemode who is helping us out in some ways. We’re also going to have an addon that no other BMRP server will have that was pulled of the workshop a month ago (Black mesa retinal scanners, features like a keypad but without having to input things), so I guess thats something better lol.

:dogwow: Oh Wow thats Nice to hear.

I love the idea of Black Mesa rp but it can’t be like what I’ve seen before on various servers.

Almost all jobs were for donators only, instead of voting and demoting, or based on rp qualities.

The maps looked like 1999 gold source quality instead of 2012 source engine quality

No use of props, textures, or player models from the Black Mesa mod.

The map was always in Sector C. Never a more original location in the facility.

And my biggest complaint with it.

Nothing. Ever. Happened.

If I’m a security guard, I don’t want to spend 4 hours roleplaying at a desk.

I want to contain specimens, shoot aliens, help personnel escape, or something.

The most exciting thing on the server cannot be learning to play sound clips on a radio.

How do you plan on amending these issues?

Well, for the map, we really can’t do much, as our team is a small group, and I am the only one who knows how to do any mapping. But, later on when the server is up, if a large amount of people want a map change, I will dedicate my time into either finishing a beta map on the workshop or redoing it all.

There are props packs we will be using and maybe player models. I don’t want my clients required to download addon packs just to join.

I will make sure there are events, alongside with players making their own events as well to make it more enjoyable.


then go play counter strike if you wanna shoot people, BLACK MESA RP isnt meant to be a continuous pew pew gamemode, its BLACK MESA RP. you are supposed to work there, do paperwork, etc.

Jesus christ I agree, I myself and a few others are trying to rebirth CW:BMSRp for a start, yet we are awaiting response from CloudSixteen to an issue with it starting up.
Now what really brought BMRP (A spin off of DarkRp) to light was all its jobs, that you didn’t have to spend 1 hour to get a plain scientist role for, or a security member. All players thinned the ranks out with common sense. Everyone didn’t go for security or scientist as soon as they entered. You would sometimes see chefs and that on there! Yet this ended when they brought in the point system, instead you saw less people join those servers, and those who did were usually friend of admins or in an event, so they could have more fun than just walk about for an hour doing fuck all waiting for 5 points to get a Janitor role, and then do the same just to get a Scientist Assistant role. (Yes that is my personal experience)

The overall fact, people will actually play it, you just need to improve it, add a few extra jobs. For example the PCMod is now on workshop, add a IT tech guy into the jobs, you can have someone fixing up computers in their RP time. (I did this in Gmod 12 with ALG)

Yet, you need a player-base. Doing this ensures that you will get some, but not all.
Just make sure it ain’t as shit as the point system like the other servers. As you said, you will re-code it from scratch, do what you think is correct to the gamemode, but don’t ruin it, please.