Bringing back GMod events

So after a nightmare with my modem, I can now host servers. Got me thinking, since FPBU/Sax’s are dead, I can host a dedicated or listenserver to do small events like buildoffs or racing or whatever. I’ve got a Phenom II quad core (even though gmod can only use 1 core :downs: ) I’ve got plenty of ram and network power to do so. So if you’re interested, think of some cool event ideas.
Here’s one of my ideas.


thanks guys you’ll post in 20 year old bumped threads to tell them to not bump but you can’t come up with some actual fun things to do in gmod

maybe just a good ole gun fight?


How bout making a trebuchet?
I know that it’s kind of a shitty idea, but I thought I’d contribute.

Like with the whole limited constraints bit.

I wanna have wheel powered drag races. Always wanted that. I’ll think of something more I’d want.

What happened to Sax’s?! ;__;

Rally Build off… no 200+ prop car shit… 30 mins to make the susp and body.

Melon obstacle course maybe? Build a remote controlled bot that carries a melon or some other breakable object through a dangerous course full of bumps and traps. The final objective would be to drop the breakable object into a container at the other end. The person with the shortest time wins.

Rangers would be needed for the starting line and the final objective. A simple accumulator chip could be used as a timer. It wouldn’t be that hard to wire up something real quick. The trick is to make it so that people can’t just shoot the breakable object into the final objective. Maybe a lid should open once you trip a ranger.

Let me know what you think Karbine.

Broadside Airship battles.

roll melons down a little downhill obstacle course and see witch one wins? :slight_smile:

i like this idea


a bit laggy



Change my mind this instead.

Mech assault course


Why it’s obvious. We should have a tank tournament! The ultimate survivor at the top, with the use of ACF.
Then again, Getting ACF on your server sure will be troublesome.

I think something more special than tank fights would be more fun. You guys do them all the time. And I’d want some more old time simple GModing. Not saying it should be like “use 4 wheels and a door” but just none complex in the way it’s done.

ACF naval battles?


trying to be constructive


Medieval 2 hour base build.
Crowbar footmen, trebuchets, big bases and big fights, fuck yeah.


Scrapheap Challenge like would be win.

Well most mechs in Gmod are built to go across reasonably flat terrain and then be able to aim and fire with reasonable accuracy at an enemy target.

What about an event which required the players to make mechs capable of traversing more varied terrain, including steep slopes (possibly even climbing walls), water hazards, etc. and attacking targets with reasonable accuracy over a varied ranger of distances (perhaps even melee distance).

So like an assault course, with mechs.