Bringing back GmodRP

Before you say anything!

Yes, I have read JoeSkylynx’s Thread. (
The guy talks a good game, all i’m doing is bringing the Gamemode back, and putting it on a server.

What I’m going to do (Try my best anyways!)

I’m going to try and get a stable role play server running, with a great Administration team and an overall great role playing vibe.
Yes, I will be using the GmodRP gamemode, which has pretty much been deserted by its developer(Slob? I think).

The Gamemode itself is pretty decent, and I prefer it over to DarkRP.

What I need from you guys! (Hopefully…)

Map Suggestions? - You can’t roleplay without a good map to hold structure, to pretty much everything.
Keen Players - To help me get the server in a good state etc.
An overall “Yes, you should do this” or “No, don’t bother, it’s not worth it” - It would help…

I know this is a shot in the dark, but hey, I really liked this gamemode back when it was popular, so I hope you guys have positive thoughts towards it!

I’ll update this thread as this progresses.

get a good Lua coder to edit it for you and add new features.

Make some advert for the server overall, steam-group, facebook, and so on to get some more regulars.

And, DONT use rp_downtown

Use maps like oviscity, hometown and townsend. None of them are a paradise for minges.

I’ve probably posted this on the other thread, but I managed to start up a server using this gamemode at the same time you guys posted these threads. A good friend of mine actually fixed, edited, and added minor and major parts to the scripts while we tended to keep the original credits. If anyone’s interested, and it’s up and running right now.

Cool, if you need Lua help, you can ask me, I’ll help.

Was that directed to me or OP? Couldn’t tell.

Did I er… Slob yea him…

Say you have permission?

Lol. You saying that,

Anyway, Zavvy, there’s already like 4 people attempting revival, what’s with the spike.

Make a gamemode from scratch, we as Garry’s Mod roleplayers really need a new Era of roleplaying.

You aren’t slob.

I know for 100% you are **


** Slob187. Poser.